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Recent Submissions

Braun, Emese , Veresne Valentinyi, Klára
HR Trends at the beginning of the 21st century

This article examines and forecasts the HR trends at the beginning of the 21st century through giving a brief summary and comparison of the main forecasts and tendencies. There are quite a few forecasts published by HR experts, but no comparison has been made so far ...

Rosůlek, Přemysl
The post-truth age, the fake news industry, the Russian Federation and the Central European area

In this text, I first come up with the conceptualization of the terms ‘post-truth age’, ‘news’ and ‘fake news’. I explain the difference between news and fake news in a larger context of the post-truth age. In this regard I argue that for the contemporary period...

Sládkayová, Michaela , Krejčíková, Katarína
Využívanie sociálnych sietí vybranými mimovládnymi organizáciami v Slovenskej republike

The aim of the article is to explain the increasing importance of social networks as a presentation and communication tool for the non-governmental sector. In this article we focus on the presentation and communication of selected NGOs on the Facebook social network. We analy...

Eger, Ludvík , Sládkayová, Michaela
Regional governments in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and communication with the public using social media

The two past decades have seen changes in communication between regional government and the public. Namely, the new Y and Z generations are skilled in ICT use and accustomed to immediate access to information using Internet. They also expect not only information but also inter...

Czeglédi, Csilla , Borsos, Eszter , Varga, Erika , Veresné Valentinyi, Klára
Social media networking among university students at Szent István University

Over the last twenty years social media and networking have gained popularity and interest among the young, middle aged and elderly. It can be declared, however with caution, that it is the young who are connected to the social media the most. A current V4 no. 218202...