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Vojáček, Ondřej , Louda, Jiří
Economic value of ecosystem services in the Eastern ore mountains

The paper presents the results of a research project aiming at determining the economic value of selected ecosystem services in the Eastern Ore Mountains. The use of the dynamically evolving concept of economic services, used to identify economically utilisable services provided ...

Momcilovic, Mirela , Zivkov, Dejan , Begovic, Sanja Vlaovic
The downside risk approach to cost of equity determination for Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian capital markets

In developed countries Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is the most frequently used model for determination of the cost of equity. On the other hand, there is no consensus about which model would be the most appropriate and easy to use for the estimation of ...

Nikolić, Slavka T. , Gradojević, Nikola , Đaković, Vladimir , Mladenović, Valentina , Stanković, Jelena
The marketing-entrepreneurship paradox: a frequency-domain analysis

The areas of overlap between the disciplines of marketing and entrepreneurship are substantial and they provide a wide variety of opportunities for multidisciplinary research. This paper lays out multidisciplinary foundations for the formal theoretical and practical treatment of the intera...

Ada, Selver Seda , Christiaens, Johan
Why do some municipalities apply accrual-based rules more than others?: evidence from Turkey

In the last decades, public sector has been infl uenced by New Public Management emphasizing incentives, competition, and performance. With the effect of New Public Management, implementation of accrual accounting based rules in the local government level has been studied from&#...

Tamošiūnas, Andrius
The integrative management model for restructuring small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)

The article presents the integrative SME restructuring management model. The model is aimed at divergent and sustained competitive performance, specifying measures for improving strategic management, rationalizing management functions and assessing infl uence of its results on SME competitiven...