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Marc, Mojca , Sprčić, Danijela Miloš , Žagar, Marina Mešin
Is enterprise risk management a value added activity?

Enterprise risk management (ERM) programs are advocated as the solution for the failures and weaknesses of the traditional silo-based risk management in creating and protecting stakeholders’ value. ERM encompasses activities and strategies which enable the company to systematically identi...

Klepáč, Václav , Hampel, David
Predicting bankruptcy of manufacturing companies in EU

Article focuses on the prediction of bankruptcy of the 1,000 medium-sized retail business companies in EU from which 170 companies gone bankrupt in 2014 with respect to lag of the used features. In recent times, bankruptcy of manufacturing companies rapidly increased due to&...

Nerudová, Danuše , Solilová, Veronika
Mandatory CCCTB implementation in the Eurozone and its impact on corporate tax revenues in the Czech republic

The European Commission has been attempting to coordinate the corporate taxation systems of the EU Member States since 1962. One of the most ambitious projects in the history of the harmonization effort was introduced on 16 March 2011, when the European Commission published,...

Saboniene, Asta
Changes in industrial structure and potential: the case of Lithuania

The core aim of the research paper is to analyze the changes in the structure and potential of Lithuanian manufacturing industry, affected by the long process of economic transformation experienced since 1991. The purpose of this paper is to disclose how Lithuanian industria...

Slintáková, Barbora , Klazar, Stanislav
Does the tax relief for homeownership have effect on household mortgage leverage?

This article presents results of the analysis of the relationship between the tax relief for the homeownership and the household mortgage debt. The advantageous treatment of housing is provided especially by a personal income tax if owner-occupiers do not report imputed rents�...