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Istudor, Nicolae , Dinu, Vasile , Gogu, Emilia , Prada, Elena-Maria , Petrescu, Irina-Elena
Impact of education and economic growth on labour migration in the European union. A panel data analysis

Since migration is considered to play an important role on the attainment of the sustainable development goals (SDG’s) this study analyses the reversed perspective of the migration-SDG’s nexus. The data set consists of 308 observations on 28 European Union countries (including the Unite...

Kuzmenko, Elena , Smutka, Luboš , Strielkowski, Wadim , Štreimikis, Justas , Štreimikienė, Dalia
Cointegration analysis of the world’s sugar market: the existence of the long-term equilibrium

This paper addresses the issue of interconnection among major sugar markets and commodity/exchange stocks in different parts of the world using the Johansen cointegration approach and vector error correction model. Due to a high degree of sugar market fragmentation and corresponding div...

Mačí, Jan
Is there a trend of euroization of EU countries still using their national currencies? Trade and invoicing

Seven of the eight EU countries not yet using the euro as their legal tender undertook to adopt the common currency in the future. However, the actual moment of adoption may influence, e.g. the attitude of the population (households). Other needs for the use of the e...

Jindrová, Pavla , Labudová, Viera
The impact of socio-economic and demographic determinants on self-perceived health

This article presents an overview of the self-reported health status of the population of the European Union Member States (EU-28) in the year 2018 based on Eurostat data. The selfreported health status of the inhabitants of the Slovak Republic has been analyzed in more detail...

Meixnerová, Lucie , Krajňák, Michal
Macroeconomic time series affecting the minimum and average wages of V4 countries

The study deals with the evaluation of the impact of macroeconomic indicators such as gross domestic product, unemployment, the implicit tax rate on labour and the consumer price index on the minimum and average wages in the countries of the Visegrad Four. The set of inpu...