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Recent Submissions

Hruška, Jan , Pásková, Martina
How do the national tourism organizations use the social media?

The research was motivated by the growing importance of social media in the marketing of the National Tourism Organizations (NTO). The NTOs of the top ten most successful countries according to the number of international tourists in 2016 were selected as a research sample for...

Langenstein, Tim , Vojtková, Anna , Užík, Martin , Ruepp, Andreas
Cross-border acquisitions in Central and Eastern Europe with focus on Russia versus Germany deals: an empirical analysis

Globalization, deregulation and the attendant liberalization of capital markets have made cross border mergers and acquisitions attractive to firms seeking to strategically position themselves within the global economy to take advantage of the opportunities that globalization offers. As a result, ...

Avlijas, Goran , Milicevic, Nikola , Golijanin, Danila
Influence of store characteristics on product availability in retail business

Stock-out event in retail business represents a situation in which demanded item cannot be found by customer in the expected location or is not in a saleable condition. Frequent stock-outs remain one of the biggest issues in the retail business because they directly contribute ...

Rosi, Maja , Tuček, David , Potočan, Vojko , Jurše, Milan
Market orientation of business schools: a development opportunity for the business model of university business schools in transition countries

The adoption of market orientation practices at the Higher Education Institutions is a rising trend, since the challenges of changing the global higher education environment raise a growing issue for meeting the needs of the global market. Developing an appropriate strategy to cope ...

Hewa Kuruppuge, Ravindra , Gregar, Ales
Survival and longevity of family businesses: a case of eastern business culture

The main objective of this study is to understand how Sri Lankan family businesses’ survive over the long term, across generations. Even though previous studies on Western business culture have adequately conceptualized operations family businesses, a huge knowledge vacuum and/or several...