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Dinu, Vasile , Bunea, Mariana
The corporate social responsibility of the Romanian banking system

In the 1970s, Milton Friedman has claimed that: “the only social responsibility of a company is the use of its resources together with the engagement in businesses that are meant to increase the profits, maintaining the rules of the game. This means to engage into an ...

Bilan, Yuri , Simionescu, Mihaela , Mentel, Grzegorz , Rozsa, Zoltan
The role of education, individual and economic factors in entrepreneurial initiatives: a microeconomic approach for the Czech republic, Slovakia and Poland

The purpose of this research is to assess the impact of university education and business environment on entrepreneurial initiatives and to make comparisons of the results between students coming from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. These countries were selected for the analysi...

Leković, Božidar , Strugar Jelača, Maja , Marić, Slobodan
Importance of innovative management practice: solution for challenges in business environment and performance in large organizations in Serbia

In the contemporary business setting, the implementation of innovative management practices is recognized as a crucial factor (Damanpour, 2014) for strategic change, organizational renewal and achieving longterm competitive advantage (Walker, Chen, & Aravind, 2015). Still, it is surprising how lit...

Procházka, Jakub , Židlická, Anna , Cígler, Hynek , Vaculík, Martin , Klein, Howard J.
The Czech adaptation of the Klein et al.’s unidimensional target-neutral scale of commitment

Organizational commitment, along with job satisfaction, is one of the two most often researched work attitudes (Riketta, 2008). It is the center of attention because it affects key variables in organizations such as the wellbeing of employees (e.g. Sui, 2002), absence due to illnes...

Stjepanović, Saša , Tomić, Daniel , Škare, Marinko
Green GDP: an analyses for developing and developed countries

In the push for more sustainable and greener progress, faster economic growth is no longer a priority. Is this true? There is a broad agreement that global society should strive for a higher standard of human wellbeing that is equitably shared and sustainable. Motivations for&...