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Recent Submissions

Naxera, Vladimír
Marián Sekerák: Modely a teorie demokracie

Nambiar, Akanksha
Christof Koch: The Feeling of Life Itself: Why consciousness is widespread but can’t be computed

Hložek, Josef
Současná archeologie na Pražském hradě. Rozhovor s Janou Maříkovou-Kubkovou o nejvýznamnější opevněné lokalitě v Čechách

Mach, Tomáš
Smitten by the Written: Corpus Analysis of Agency and Roles in Pornographic Video Titles

Despite the magnitude of its consumption by the general public, online pornography has to date received comparatively very little attention within linguistics. The paper explores the language in video titles on the pornographic site Pornhub using a corpus-driven approach. A corpus...

Tater, Adam , Holman, Jiří
Mesh convergence error estimations for compressible inviscid fluid flow over airfoil cascades using multiblock structured mesh

This work deals with estimations of errors, which are a consequence of a finite spatial discretisation that appears while solving differential equation numerically. More precisely, it deals with the estimation of errors that occur while computing compressible inviscid fluid flow over&...