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Griva, Anastasia , Mitroulia, Maria , Armakolas, Stefanos
Online courses and silent students

During the Covid-19 lockdown, all teaching staff and students in Greek Universities were forced to adopt a different way of teaching and learning by adapting to online courses. Silent students are seen as passive learners or even as having difficulty with ...

Tvarůžka, Václav
Hours and time as a topic of teaching technology by STEAM method

Sosna, Tomáš , Veselý, Bedřich
The use of handicrafts for student development in work activities at the 1st stage of elementary school

The article is focused on the possible use of simple toys. It defines the concept of technical thinking and offers functional products made from commonly available tools and materials. These functional products are presented and their suitability for use in the...

Brožek, Matěj , Dosedla, Martin
Web application for study planning

The paper aims to create a web application for planning and organizing studies as well as describe the process of developing the application thoroughly and identify problems which it aims to solve. The technologies used during the design and development of ...

King, Nina Nikita
Programming a single-board microcontroller with block language for primary schools

This article „Programming a single-board microcontroller with block language for primary schools” deals with benefits of learning programming in primary schools. It implements this topic into the Frame-work Educational Programme for Elementary Education and divides and compares&#x...