Volume 4 (1996)


Recent Submissions

Beneš, Bedřich , Holeček, Aleš , Žára, Jiří
Language support for distributed virtual reality

One of the main issues in the research on Multi-user Distributed Virtual Reality Systems is the virtual environment description language. A number of different languages with various level of description formalism already exist. In this paper we provide a quick overview of &...

Zachariáš, Svatopluk
Projection in barycentric coordinates

Wolter, Franz-Erich
Differential geometric concepts and methods in CAGD

We report on new geometric results serving as a base for new methods in geometric modeling with free form surfaces. Those methods have all been implemented in the geometric modeling system.

Tobler, Robert F. , Löffelmann, Helwig , Purgathofer, Werner , Galla, Thomas
BABEL: a generic data structure for geometric modeling

We present a basic data structure for geometric data which can be adapted to represent common geometry representations like CSG, BSP, aso. The new data structure has been designed to be easy to use, and easy to extend. Due to the representation of geometric data using...

Šindlar, Libor , Pelikán, Josef
Parallel radiosity on a cluster of workstations

A parallel version of progressive refinement radiosity with radiosity overshooting and adaptive surface subdivision is presented. A cluster of workstations under the operating system UNIX was chosen as parallel hardware. The whole system was organized according to the master-worker paradigm. We&#...