Proceedings of the intensive programme


Recent Submissions

Linne, Eva Marie
Part-load operation of mini cogeneration plants in medium voltage grids

This paper deals with control strategies for mini cogeneration plants (short: CGP) in medium voltage grids. The aim of the paper is to explain and to minimize the trade-off between highest electrical efficiency in electrical energy production and the needs of energy reserve caused&...

Adamec, Michal , Beran, Miloš
Connection of renewable resources to power grid

This paper deals with the connection of distributed resources. It is divided into two parts. The first is devoted to renewable energy resources. The review of these resources will help to determine if they could reduce the global warming and if they could play a significa...

Hlubeň, Daniel , Kolcun, Michal , Rusnák, Jozef
Classification and calculation of electric energy losses in distribution network

The paper entitled “Classification and calculation of electric energy losses in distribution networks” deals with the problem of the losses division for an operative calculation in distribution companies.

Mészáros, Alexander , Beňa, Ľubomír , Rusnák, Jozef
Challenges to optimization techniques in a deregulated environment

Power engineering is the oldest and most traditional of the various areas within electrical engineering, yet no other facet of modern technology is currently undergoing a more dramatic revolution in both technology and industry structure. One of the more impressive areas of technical&#x...

Mešter, Marián , Rusnák, Jozef
Hydrogen production from biomass

The future vision for hydrogen is that it will be cost-effectively produced from renewable energy sources and made available for widespread use as an energy carrier and a fuel. Biomass has the potential to accelerate the realisation of hydrogen as a major fuel of the futu...