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Zeman, Jan
Srovnání českých a německých učebnic matematiky pro gymnázia

In this article, we would strive to present a survey on the Czech and German textbooks for secondary grammar schools. We compare the way, the textbooks present particular topic of functions, and show the differences in subject and form. The aim would be on the application...

Knetlová, Anna

I chose this subject because I like engineering and pantograph is interesting. Also from the Physics, my favorite subject, is Mechanical lever on the pantograph. My goal is to produce a usable pantograph for teaching, which can also be produced in the workshop with the us...

Gioldasis, Spiridon
Digital games as an educational tool key factors for a succesfull integration

Our first impression on digital games is that they are a "waste of time" oreven "sources of danger". However, digital games require from users to develop special skills to accomplish puzzles, levels or goals. Being at the same time extremely engaging and entertaining...

Bambasová, Kateřina
Analýza multimediální učebnice s ohledem na její strukturu

This dissertation is dealing with a structure of multimedia textbooks. The task is divided into two parts – theoretic and practical. In the theoretic part we deal with the multimedia, the kinds of the multimedia textbooks, and the transformation of the technologies into the ed...