Olympiáda techniky


Recent Submissions

Klepacz, Martyna
Sturdy structures - building a bridge in an elementary school

This didactic project is designed for technology classes in elementary school. The aim of the project is to show the students what the stiffness and strength of a building depend on, on the example of bridges. The issues presented in the presentation can be the...

Mikuda, Martin
Trebuchet and its use in education

Objectives: Using the application of techniques of manual, machining of materials and 3D printing, discussed during the teaching of the subject Design and construction, to make a product usable in teaching. The product should contain interdisciplinary overlaps. Description: The trebu...

Moc, Pavel
Manipulator programming Foxone in technical education

The Foxone learning building kit consists of a conveyor assembly, a handling arm and a control unit. It is a kit made by company Teco a. s. It can be used to perform simple tasks focused on basic logic functions such as AND, OR, etc. The output can&#...

Vácová, Ingrid
Design and construction in technical education in elementary school

This diploma thesis focuses on describing and implementing design and construction in technical education in elementary schools. It discusses how technical education has evolved in the Czech Republic over the past years, as well as its current state. It defines the ways to evolve&#...

Ludvík, Roman
The French revolution via gamification

The paper deals with the issue of gamification elements in primary education. Readers are introduced withGoalbook, ClassDojo and Classcraft, applicationswhich increase motivation through game mechanisms and principles and also offer alternative tools forclass agenda. It also includes the ...