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Honzíková, Jarmila , Simbartl, Petr

Hofman, Martin , Randa, Michal
Hydraulická ruka

The hydraulic hand is a practical display of a hydraulic crane such as can be seen on lorries or excavators. Just like in the case of the professional cranes, it is operated via the means of hydraulic cylinders. However, owing to its smaller size, it is easily u...

Ivanova, Galina
Window block for buildings with automated control

The control of the movable doors can be manual , but more often electrical control is required, in particular for automatic control systems ("smart house"). As a converter of electrical energy into a mechanical one, electric motors with a rotating rotor of various designs...

Ivanova, G. M.
Getting hydrogen from water

The proposed main technical experimental setup cold gasification and dissociation of liquids with their transfer to the fuel gas through an electric field.

Tucan, Elena
Methodology of development of general educational pupils skills at technology lessons

This article deals with process of formation general educational skills at technology lessons in the municipal autonomous general educational institution "Gymnasium №3 of the city of Vladimir"