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Yoshida, Hiroshi , Nabata, Kosuke , Iwasaki, Kei , Dobashi, Yoshinori , Nishita, Tomoyuki
Adaptive importance caching for many-light rendering

Importance sampling of virtual point lights (VPLs) is an efficient method for computing global illumination. The key to importance sampling is to construct the probability function, which is used to sample the VPLs, such that it is proportional to the distribution of contributions ...

Wood, Brian A. , Newman, Timothy S.
Isosurface orientation estimation in sparse grids using tetrahedral splines

One challenge in applying standard marching isosurfacing methods to sparse rectilinear grid data is addressed. This challenge, the problem of finding approximating gradients adjacent to locations with data dropouts, is addressed here by a new approach that utilizes a tetrahedral spline fitti...

Wasenmüller, Oliver , Bleser, Gabriele , Stricker, Didier
Joint bilateral mesh denoising using color information and local anti-shrinking

Recent 3D reconstruction algorithms are able to generate colored meshes with high resolution details of given objects. However, due to several reasons the reconstructions still contain some noise. In this paper we propose the new Joint Bilateral Mesh Denoising (JBMD), which is an a...

Varadharajan, Vijay
A new extension to kernel entropy component analysis for image-based authentication systems

We introduce Feature Dependent Kernel Entropy Component Analysis (FDKECA) as a new extension to Kernel Entropy Component Analysis (KECA) for data transformation and dimensionality reduction in Image-based recognition systems such as face and finger vein recognition. FDKECA reveals structure related&#x...

Tewari, Aditya , Taetz, Bertram , Grandidier, Frédéric
Using mutual independence of slow features for improved information extraction and better hand-pose classification

We propose a Slow Feature Analysis (SFA) based classification of hand-poses and demonstrate that the property of mutual independence of the slow feature functions improves the classification performance. SFA extracts functions that describe trends in a time series data and is capable of...

Graça, Fernando da , Paljic, Alexis , Diaz, Emmanuelle
Evaluating stereoscopic visualization for predictive rendering

The context of this work is predictive rendering; our objective is to previsualize materials based on physical models within computer graphics simulations. In this work we focus on paints constituted of metallic flakes within a dielectric binder. We want to validate a "virtual ...

Frâncu, Mihai , Moldoveanu, Florica
Cloth simulation using soft constraints

This paper describes a new way of using projective methods for simulating the constrained dynamics of deformable surfaces. We show that the often used implicit integration method for discretized elastic systems is equivalent to the projection of regularized constraints. We use this know...

Campoalegre, Lazaro , Navazo, Isabel , Brunet, Pere
Hybrid ROI-based visualization of medical models

There is an increasing interest on tele-medicine and tele-diagnostic solutions based on the remote inspection of volume data coming from multimodal imaging. Client-server architectures meet these functionalities. The use of mobile devices is sometimes required due to the portability and easy ...

Benoit, Jocelyn , Paquette, Eric
Localized search for high definition video completion

This paper presents a new approach for video completion of high-resolution video sequences. Current state-ofthe- art exemplar-based methods that use non-parametric patch sampling work well and provide good results for low-resolution video sequences. Unfortunately, because of memory consumption problems...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 9 of 9