Ročník 2017


Recent Submissions

Znbill, L. , Boušek, Jaroslav
Printed thermoelectric generators

The paper describes the possibilities of energy harvesting using thermoelectric generators. Because of very low output voltage thermoelectric generators need integration of large number of individual thermo-junctions. Printing technologies enhance effective production with individual junctions all connected in&...

Partingl, Martin , Blecha, Tomáš
Inertial navigation microsystems for indoor person navigation

This article is focused on comparison and testing of two different microsystems for an inertial navigation intended especially for places without GPS signal. These inertial navigation systems were compared with GPS system. The next research work was focused on dispersion detection from ...

Kulha, Pavel , Hilber, Wolfgang , Laposa, Alexandr , Jakoby, Bernhard
Screen printed electrodes for capacitive level sensors

The paper reports on the fabrication and characterization of low-cost electrodes for capacitive level sensors realized on a flexible substrate. The aim is to prepare conductive electrodes by printing of silver and PEDOT:PSS pastes on coated PET foil. Individual capacitors in the form&#x...

Beshajová Pelikánová, Ivana , Barták, K.
The influence of curing conditions on properties of electrically conductive adhesives

The work is focused on problematic of electrically conductive adhesives. These are used as an alternative to solder joints. Goal of work was concentrated to analysis of influence of curing conditions on electric and mechanical properties of electrically conductive adhesives. Samples of ...

Novák, Lukáš , Šteffan, Pavel
Error rate of USART in NRWW section

This paper describes a Universal Synchronous and Asynchronous serial Receiver and Transmitter and its basic setting. Further it describes a divided Flash memory at ATmega chip. The function of the Bootloader and the storage in Flash memory is described too. Than it describes the&#x...