Regionální inovační centrum elektrotechniky / Regional Innovation Center for Electrical Engineering


Recent Submissions

Uzel, David , Peroutka, Zdeněk
Steady state torque optimal operating point control for wound rotor synchronous motors

This paper discusses steady state optimal control of the motor from the maximum torque point of view. The motor behavior is researched with a vector control supply in the full speed range. The optimal considerations are compared with a behavior of the classical control structu...

Jára, Martin , Blahník, Vojtěch
Cost-effective medium-power charging station for public transport vehicles

Charging stations are becoming an important part of the modern urban infrastructure. This paper describes a concept of a standalone cost-effective medium power charging station dedicated for electric bus charging. It is based on a voltage-source active rectifier operating in both current...

Brychcín, Jiří , Košan, Tomáš , Janík, Dušan , Peroutka, Zdeněk
Simulation and control of FLC converters for UPS systems

This paper is focused on simulation of the diesel or gas electric central, which is used for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) and flying capacitor converters (FLC).

Blahník, Vojtěch , Talla, Jakub
Study of 3.3 MW voltage-source active rectifier

This paper deals with the behavior and stability of three-phase voltage-source active rectifier with rated power 3.3 MW. This high-power converter is connected to power grid via transformer and input clean power filter. The main purpose of the article is check the stability of ...

Blahník, Vojtěch , Talla, Jakub
Single-phase synchronization for traction active rectifier

This paper introduces the advanced synchronization method second order general integrator phase locked loop modified especially for voltage synchronization exclusively for traction active rectifier. Designed synchronization is characterized by resistance to interfaces and especially quick response to frequency&...