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Vice, William Bradley
The dangers of intimacy: The importnce of metacognition in Junot Diaz's "How to date a browngirl. blackgirl, whitegirl, or halfie"

This paper proposes a pragmatic reading of Junot Díaz’s short story “How to Date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl, or Halfie” by making use of Cultural Quotient (CQ, a/k/a Cultural Intelligence) a new branch of academics that draws from the fields of linguistics, psychology,&...

Petrlíková, Jarmila
Výskyt a užití jazykových prostředků větné kondenzace v díle Geralda Durrella se zřetelem k participiálním a verbonominálním konstrukcím a neslovesným větám

The literary language of Gerald Durrell attracts the reader’s attention by a complex structure of sentences with enormous occurrence of non-finite clauses, as well as verbless clauses. Constructions of this type have the function of various clause elements in the superordinate clause an...

Kohout, Jiří , Pešková, Michaela , Skopečková, Eva , Voltrová, Michaela
Zur Wahrnehmung der kommunikativen Kompetenz durch Lehramtsstudierende

Quinn, Justin John
Zamiast konkluzji

Quinn, Justin John
Irish as a lingua franca

Of many minority languages, Irish has ended up as close neighbour to a language that was not only that of the ruling empire, but also is now a global lingua franca. Such incommensurate strengths – demographics, cultural prestige, and other aspects – might be viewed as...