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Recent Submissions

Bařtipánová, Soňa
Simulation Incubator as an Activation Method of Music Management Teaching at the Faculty of Education

The paper aims to show the reader how to use an economic-manager instrument in the shape of an incubator in the teaching process at the faculty of pedagogy. The research on the impor tance of using a simulation incubator as an activation teaching method is int...

Gadžijeva, Elvira
Choral Activities in the Czech Republic During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The time of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent government restrictions, which included a ban on singing in public places and companies, proved to be challenging for choirs in the Czech Republic. When group singing was listed as a high-risk activity that could spre...

Bubeníčková, Daniela , Slavíková, Marie
Music Education in a Small Rural School

The article deals with the issue of small rural schools and the possibilities of teaching music education in these schools. Small rural schools are schools with a small number of classes, where two or three school years are taught simultaneously in one classroom....

Gvozdevskaia, Galina
Japanese traditional music and the possibilities of its use in music education in Europe

This article analyzes of philosophical approaches and methods of teaching musical instruments at traditional Japanese schools. These approaches have a long history within the Japanese Iemoto system. This study’s author highlights several similarities between some conceptual settings of the Japanese&#x...

Gvozdevskaia, Galina
Hudební výchova na všeobecně vzdělávacích školách v Japonsku

The article analyses the Japanese teaching music system: a unique methodological experience that allows all students to master musical notation, the skill of recorder or harmonica playing, and to achieve a high level of ensemble music-making. The article also recommends organizing various&#x...