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Recent Submissions

Růžičková, Veronika , Syrovátková, Štěpánka
Učební strategie studentů VŠ během distanční výuky - didaktická studie

The study is focused on learning strategies mastered by students of the study programme “Kindergarten Pedagogy” during distance learning of the two-term unit Music Education in Kindergartens and further used in the subject of DIMŠ1 (Didactics of Music Education 1). The aim of the&#...

Janík, Tomáš , Slavík, Jan , Najvar, Petr , Jirotková, Darina
The Same and the Different: On Semantization and Instrumentalization Practices in the (Maths) Classroom

There is no education without content. Teaching and learning in schools is devoted to “something,” not to “nothing” or “anything.” The more heterogeneous, multicultural, and multilingual the classroom, the more semantization of educational content within teaching and learning is needed. Therefore...

Vičar, Jan
Hudební osobnost Stanislava Pecháčka

Stanislav Pecháček celebrates a jubilee this year. He was born on 15 February 1951 in Dolní Dobrouč, Czech Republic. He worked as a secondary school teacher, choirmaster of children’s and girls’ choirs, and editor-in-chief of the Cantus journal. Currently he has been working as...

Vičar, Jan
Václav Trojan, Plzeňské písničky a český hudební folklor

Václav Trojan (1907–1983) composed his Pilsen Songs for tenor and wind quintet in 1942 and 1958. The study recapitulates Trojan's relations to his native city Pilsen and characterizes composer's work with the Czech folklore material.

Sladký, Aleš
Blues lyrics in teaching music and Czech at the grammar school

My study is entitled: “Blues lyrics in teaching music and Czech at the grammar school” and now I will outline its fundamental contents, the basic conclusions of my study and the meth- ods used to help me reach these conclusions. The study is conceived as a...