Modelování deformačních a dynamických procesů / Deformation and dynamic processes modelling (MDP)

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Voldřich, Josef , Lazar, Jan , Polach, Pavel
Kontaktní tuhosti a analýza nelineárních vibrací olopatkovaných disků s třecími kontakty mezi sousedními lopatkami

This work is focused on the computation of vibrations for the last stage bladed disks of steam turbines. The blades with two integral structural contact (ISC) couplings are considered. The cyclic symmetry properties of bladed disks and the method of modal transformation utilising f...

Voldřich, Josef
Modelling of the three-dimensional friction contact of vibrating elastic bodies with rough surfaces

Matas, Richard , Kňourek, Jindřich , Voldřich, Josef
Influence of the terminal muffler geometry with three chambers and two tailpipes topology on its attenuation characteristics

Očenášek, Jan , Voldřich, Josef
Mathematical modelling of biogenous filter cake and identification of oilseed material parameters

Morávka, Štefan
The proper filling confirmation of the cavities in massive concrete structures of nuclear power plants by impact-echo method