Applied and Computational Mechanics


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Recent Submissions

Chamrad, Jakub , Marcián, Petr , Borák, Libor
On the level of computational model of a human skull: a comparative study

In this study, different patient-specific computational models of the skull, which are often used in literature, were investigated, analysed and compared.The purpose of this studywas to demonstrate the differences in computational model creation and results in case different computationalmodels...

Lachmayer, Roland , Yanchevskyi, Igor V. , Mozgova, Iryna , Gottwald, Phillip
Identification of several non-stationary loads applied to an elastically deformed structure

The technique has been presented for time-dependence identification of several independent beetwen each other loads distributed over a given area of a structure with arbitrary topology by using quantity values more convenient for measurements. In the assumption that the structure’s response ...

Michálek, Tomáš , Haupt, Lukáš , Zelenka, Jaromír , Kohout, Martin , Liberová, Stanislava
Lateral force effects of three-axle locomotive bogie on track

This paper deals with guiding behaviour of a diesel-electric locomotive equipped with new three-axle bogies which were developed in co-operation of the company CZ LOKO and the Faculty of Transport Engineering of the University of Pardubice. At first, the design of the new bogie...

Omarov, Daniyar , Nurakhmetov, Daulet , Wei, Dongming , Skrzypacz, Piotr
On the application of Sturm's theorem to analysis of dynamic pull-in for a graphene-based MEMS model

A novel procedure based on the Sturm’s theorem for real-valued polynomials is developed to predict and identify periodic and non-periodic solutions for a graphene-based MEMS lumped parameter model with general initial conditions. It is demonstrated that under specific conditions on the lumpe...

Šulc, Petr , Pešek, Luděk , Bula, Vítězslav , Košina, Jan , Cibulka, Jan
Torsion dissipated energy of hard rubbers as function of hyperelastic deformation energy of the Yeoh model

In this paper, we are proposing a new formulation of dissipated energy of hard rubbers as a function of the deformation energy expressed by the Yeoh hyperelastic model. Torsion deformation is considered as a planar deformation of a simple shear on the surface of a cylinde...