Computational Mechanics


Recent Submissions

Zrůbek, L. , Doškář, M. , Kučerová, A. , Meneses-Guzmán, M. , Rodríguez-Méndez, F.
Wang tiles and metal foam micro-structure image synthesis

Our latest work is focused on image synthesis of metal foam micro-structures using the Wang tiles and Automatic tile design.

Zítka, T. , Havelková, L. , Tupý, R.
Geometrical model of muscle attachment sites in hand

Our study provides novel approach to acquiring data used in biomechanical models along with dataset of hand muscle data. It also provides a tool for generating these data, relieving researchers of some tedious labor and possibly allowing for greater reproducibility of research.

Zeman, V. , Hlaváč, Z.
Nonlinear vibration of the nuclear reactor with clearances in core barrel couplings

The original mathematical model of the VVER-type reactor excited by coolant pressure pulsations was derived as the linear clearance-free model in couplings. Assembly clearances in the key-groove (K-G) couplings between the lower part of core barrel (CB3) and the reactor pressure vessel ...

Zavřel, J. , Vampola, T. , Dušková-Smrčková, M.
Modeling of mechanical properties of macroporous hydrogel

Macroporous hydrogels with controlled morphology are widely used in biomedical fields, as drug delivery, tissue engineering, analytical and technical separations or responsive constructs. Porosity can be achieved by several methods. In the preparation of physical experiments it is made by salt&#x...

Zaoral, F. , Ferfecki, P.
Application of the harmonic balance method for investigation of dynamic parameters of the rotors mounted on linear/nonlinear coupling elements

In modelling of rotating systems, the connection of the rotor to the stator part is often performed by means of coupling elements that behave nonlinearly, such as hydrodynamic and magnetic bearings, squeeze film dampers, etc. The Harmonic Balance Method (HBM) represents a tool for&...