Výzkum pokročilých materiálů / Research advanced materials (RAM)


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Křenek, Tomáš , Vála, Lukáš , Kovářík, Tomáš , Medlín, Rostislav , Fajgar, Radek , Pola, Josef , Jandová, Věra , Vavruňková, Veronika , Pola, Michal , Koštejn, Martin
Novel perspectives of laser ablation in liquids: formation of high-pressure orthorhombic FeS phase and absorption of FeS-derived colloids on porous surface for solar-light photocatalytic wastewater cleaning.

A pulsed Nd:YAG laser ablation of FeS in water and ethanol produces FeS-derived colloidal nanoparticles which absorb onto immersed porous ceramic substrates and create solar-light photocatalytic surfaces. The stability, size distribution and zeta potential of the nanoparticles were assessed by Dy...

Iqbal, Mehroz , Fatheema, Jameela , Noor, Qandeel , Rani, Malika , Mumtaz, Muhammad , Zheng, Renkui , Khan, Saleem Ayaz , Rizwan, Syed Ali
Co-existence of magnetic phases in two-dimensional MXene

This study reports first synthesis of MXene-derived co-existing magnetic phases. New family of twodimensional (2D) materials such as Ti3C2 namely MXene, having transition metal forming hexagonal structure with carbon atoms have attracted tremendous interest now a days. We have reported structural...

Makhdoom, Madiha , Jamil, Muhammad Imran , Azam, Sikander A. , Irfan, Muhammad , Abbas, Zeesham , Gul, Banat , Khan, Saleem Ayaz , Wang, Xiaotian
First-Principles Description of the Different Phases in the Li2NH Compound: Electronic Structure and Optical Properties

A hydrogen storage material can also be used as a potential and effective solid reducing agent in addition to its applications as an important energy carrier. The density function theory has been used to find the structural and optoelectronic properties of the Li2NH compound. ...

Mahmood, Amjid , Azam, Sikander A. , Irfan, Muhammad , Kamran, Muhammad Arshad , Alharbi, Thamer , Majid, Abdul , Iqbal, Muhammad Waqas , Muhammad, Shabbir , Al-Sehemi, Abdullah Ghodran M. , Khan, Saleem Ayaz , Goumri-Said, Souraya
Cation effect on electronic, optical and thermoelectric properties of perovskite oxynitrides: Density functional theory

Perovskite oxynitride are of great interest due to their use as photo-catalysts. We investigated the electronic,thermoelectric and optical properties of ATaO2N (A= Ba, Sr, Ra) with generalized gradient plus Hubbard approximation (GGA+U). In electronic properties, we have computed, for each compou...

Kovářík, Tomáš , Bělský, Petr , Rieger, David , Ilavský, Ján , Jandová, Věra , Maas, Michael , Šutta, Pavol , Pola, Michal , Medlín, Rostislav
Particle size analysis and characterization of nanodiamond dispersions in water and dimethylformamide by various scattering and diffraction methods

Over the past few decades, detonation nanodiamonds (NDs) have gained increased attention due to their unique physicochemical properties. Various methods for preparation of ND suspensions have been introduced. This paper presents thermally annealed nanodiamonds dispersed via sonication and separated by...