Výzkum pokročilých materiálů / Research advanced materials (RAM)


Recent Submissions

Novák, Matyáš , Vackář, Jiří , Cimrman, Robert , Šipr, Ondřej
Adaptive Anderson mixing for electronic structure calculations

Convergence rates of iterative algorithms for solving non-linear fixed-point (or root-finding) problems depend on the quality of the solution guess done in each iteration, which is used as the starting value in the next step. To avoid instabilities and oscillations, that guess is u...

Novák, Petr , Nedvědová, Lucie , Kozák, Tomáš , Šotová, Petra , Bláhová, Olga , Jansa, Zdeněk , Medlín, Rostislav , Netrvalová, Marie , Minár, Jan
Investigation of carrier transport in ZnO and ZnO:Al thin films sputtered at different oxygen conditions

Undoped and doped zinc oxide in film form is used in a wide range of applications. Its electrical and optical properties depend on the oxide conditions during preparation, which are influenced by many deposition parameters. The aim of this work was to experimentally investigate...

Salvetr, Pavel , Školáková, Andrea , Kotous, Jakub , Drahokoupil, Jan , Melzer, Daniel , Jansa, Zdeněk , Donik, Črtomir , Gokhman, Aleksandr , Nový, Zbyšek
Effect of Double-Step and Strain-Assisted Tempering on Properties of Medium-Carbon Steel

The present work aimed to study the properties of medium-carbon steel during tempering treatment and to present the strength increase of medium-carbon spring steels by strain-assisted tempering (SAT). The effect of double-step tempering and double-step tempering with rotary swaging, also known&#x...

Očenášek, Jan , Minár, Jan , Alcalá, Jorge
Dynamics of lattice disorder in perovskite materials, polarization nanoclusters and ferroelectric domain wall structures

The nexus between classic ferroelectricity and the structure of perovskite materials hinges on the concept of lattice disorder. Although the ordered perovskites display short-range displacements of the central cations around their equilibrium points, the lattice disorder dynamically unfolds to generat...

Nafday, Dhani , Richter, Christine , Heckmann, Olivier , Wang, Weimin , Mariot, Jean-Michel , Djukic, Uros , Vobornik, Ivana , Lefevre, Patrick , Taleb-Ibrahimi, Amina , Bertran, Franco̧is , Rault, Julien , Nicolai, Laurent Christophe , Ong, Chin Shen , Thunström, Patrik , Hricovini, Karol , Minár, Jan , Di Marco, Igor
Electronic structure of Bi nanolines on InAs(100)

Self-assembled nanolines are attractive to build the technological devices of next generation, but characterizing their electronic properties is often difficult to achieve. In this work we employ angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy and density functional theory to clarify the electronic structure...