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Bricín, David , Průcha, Vojtěch , Jansa, Zdeněk , Kříž, Antonín
Changes in Structure and Corrosion Resistance of Cryogenically Treated WC-Co Cemented Carbides

Deep cryogenic treatment (DCT) of WC-Co cemented carbides (CC) was experimentally explored. Four types of cemented carbides were studied. They had different WC grain sizes and the volume fractions of the cobalt binder. Some specimens were deep-cryogenic-treated (DCT) at -186°C in dry va...

Nedvědová, Lucie , Novák, Petr , Jansa, Zdeněk , Minár, Jan
Temperature-Dependent Hall Effect Studies of AZO Thin Films

Understanding of how the defects interact with each other and affect the properties of ZnO:Al thin films is one of great importance for improving their performance as a transparent conductive oxide. In the present work we studied the effect of annealing on the carrier concentr...

Jansa, Zdeněk , Průcha, Vojtěch , Šutta, Pavol , Minár, Jan
XRD Analysis of Tungsten Carbides with Cobalt Binder

The paper deals with the influence of deep cryogenic treatment on the structure of sintered WC-Co carbides from the aspect of XRD analysis. We demonstrate the influence of cryogenic processing on the change of grain size, the development of Co phases in the structure, and ...

Schubert, Jan , Česánek, Zdeněk , Bláhová, Olga
Mechanical properties of HVOF sprayed CrC-NiCr coating exposed to hot corrosion environment

Current development in power generation industry leads to search of new technologies and ways how to protect surface against aggressive corrosion environment. Suitable method leading to enhancement of surface properties is application of protective coatings on surface. This approach allows to...

Glanc, Aleš , Houdková Šimůnková, Šárka , Jansa, Zdeněk , Vostřák, Marek
Microstructure, tribological behaviour and xrd analysis of hvof sprayed and laser remelted cocrtaalcsiy coatings

Superalloys with cobalt as a base material are widely used among different industry applications. Their main advantages are excellent corrosion and wear resistance. Material CoCrTaAlCSiY was chosen for this study as an unexplored representative of Co-based superalloys with a potential for go...

Bricín, David , Jansa, Zdeněk , Somr, Josef , Elmanová, Andrea , Kříž, Antonín
Influence of heat treatment on properties of SD251-PH1 composite produced by additive SLM technology

The aim of this case study was to evaluate how heat treatment affects the structure and properties of the engineered composite material labelled SD251-PH1. This composite material was formed by mixing two powder blends in a weight ratio of 90 wt. % WC-Co powder SD251 with...

Bartoň Klufová, Pavla , Tittel, Jan , Vostřák, Marek , Jansa, Zdeněk , Kříž, Antonín
Corrosion resistance of laser-deposited composite copper-basalt overlay

This paper deals with an assessment of the corrosion resistance of copper-basalt composite cladded by laser. The filler powder for laser overlaying was a mixture of high-purity copper powder Oerlikon METCO 55 consisting of 45–90 µm particles and a basalt powder comprising particles 50–2...

Schusser, Jakub , Nicolai, Laurent Christophe , Fanciulli, Mauro , Lee, Min I. , Youbi, Zakariae El , Heckmann, Olivier , Richter, Christine , Hricovíni, Karol , Minár, Jan
Angle-resolved photoemission calculations of WTe2 compared to experiment

Molybdenum dichalcogenides are probably the most studied single layer TMDCs by virtue of being appealing for sundry possible applications suchlike transistors, diodes, solar cells or more fundamental studies of spin or valley pseudospin and their interactions. Tungsten-based counterparts are on t...

Medlín, Rostislav , Šutta, Pavol , Novák, Petr
XRD and Electron Diffraction Synergies for Textured Thin Films Structure Investigation

Křenek, Tomáš , Mikysek, Petr , Pola, Michal , Vála, Lukáš , Melaré, Estela , Jandová, Věra , Vavruňková, Veronika , Rieger, David
Formation of metastable zirconium oxides using pulsed laser deposition of ZrO based target

There is a growing interest about the possibilities for preparation of various zirconium oxides from scientific as well asapplication point of view. Laser ablation of solid target consisting of sintered grains of metallic hexagonal Zr3O and monoclinic ZrO2 results in evaporation of Zr,&...

Jansa, Zdeněk , Prušáková, Lucie , Alarab, Fatima , Šutta, Pavol , Minár, Jan
Structural analysis of Ni-doped SrTiO3: XRD study

The aim of this work is to study the structure of Ni-doped SrTiO3 thin films by X-ray diffraction (XRD). All samples were prepared by magnetron sputtering on Si and SiO2 substrates. The main objective of this work is to monitor the crystallization of the deposited thin&#x...

Alarab, Fatima , Minár, Jan , Šutta, Pavol , Prušáková, Lucie , Medlín, Rostislav , Heckmann, Olivier , Richter, Christine , Hricovíni, Karol
Study and characterization of SrTiO3 surface

Two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) at an oxides interfaces and surfaces has attracted large attention in physics and research due to its unique electronic properties and possible application in optoelectronic and nano-electronic. The origin of 2DEG at oxide interfaces has been awarded to&#x...

Novák, Matyáš , Cimrman, Robert , Lukeš, Vladimír , Rohan, Eduard , Vackář, Jiří
Mixing algorithms for fixed-point iterations in self-consistent electronic structure calculations

In ab-initio calculations of electronic structure and material properties within the density-functional theory (DFT) framework, a self-consistent stationary state of a many-electron system is sought by a fixed-point iteration of Kohn-Sham equations, the so called DFT loop. One of the key com...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13