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Qureshi, Hasham Shahid , Wizcorek, Rebecca
Curb Detection for a Pedestrian Assistance System using End-to-End Learning

Our goal is to develop an assistance system for supporting road crossing among older pedestrians. In order to accomplish this, we propose detecting the curb stone from the pedestrians’ point of view. Curb detection plays a significant role in road detection and obstacle ...

Shirley, Tim , Presnov, Dmitri , Kolb, Andreas
A Lightweight Approach to 3D Measurement of Chronic Wounds

This paper presents a light-weight process for 3D reconstruction and measurement of chronic wounds using a commonly available smartphone as an image capturing device. The first stage of our measurement pipeline comprises the creation of a dense 3D point cloud using structure-from-motion ...

Besenthal, Simon , Maisch, Sebastian , Ropinski, Timo
Multi-Resolution Rendering for Computationally Expensive Lighting Effects

Many lighting methods used in computer graphics such as indirect illumination can have very high computational costs and need to be approximated for real-time applications. These costs can be reduced by means of upsampling techniques which tend to introduce artifacts and affect th...

Merten, Nico , Saalfeld, Sylvia , Preim, Bernhard
Floor Map Visualizations of Medical Volume Data

Typically, volumetric medical image data is examined by assessing each slice of an image stack individually. However, this enables observers to assess in-plane spatial relationships between anatomical structures only and requires them to keep track of relationships along the third anatomical ...

Bustacara-Medina, César , Flórez-Valencia, Leonardo
An automatic stopping criterion for nonlinear anisotropic diffusion

Nonlinear anisotropic diffusion (NAD) filtering is a procedure based on nonlinear evolution PDEs which seeks to improve images qualitatively by removing noise while preserving details and even enhancing edges. However, well-known implementations are sensitive to parameters which are necessarily tuned&...

Daoud, Zeineb , Ben Hamida, Amal , Ben Amar, Chokri
Automatic video fire detection approach based on PJF color modeling and spatio-temporal analysis

Recently, due to the huge damage caused by fires in many countries in the world, fire detection is getting more and more interest as an increasing important issue.Nowadays, the early fire detection in video surveillance scenes is emerging as an alternative solution to overcome ...

Friedrich, Markus , Cuevas, Felip Guimerà , Sedlmeier, Andreas , Ebert, André
Evolutionary Generation of Primitive-Based Mesh Abstractions

The procedural generation of data sets for empirical algorithm validation and deep learning tasks in the area of primitive-based geometry is cumbersome and time-consuming while ready-to-use data sets are rare. We propose a new and highly flexible framework based on Evolutionary Computi...

Kobrtek, Jozef , Milet, Tomáš , Herout, Adam
Silhouette Extraction for Shadow Volumes Using Potentially Visible Sets

In this paper, we present a novel approach for accelerated silhouette computation based on potentially visible sets stored in the octree acceleration structure. The scene space, where the light source can appear, is subdivided into voxels. The octree voxels contain two precomputed ...

Belyaev, Sergey , Smirnov, Pavel , Smirnova, Natalia , Shubnikov, Vladislav
Fast Adaptive Undersampling for Volume Rendering

Adaptive undersampling is a method for accelerating the rendering process by replacing the calculation of a volume integral with an interpolation procedure for a number of pixels. In this paper, we propose a method for accelerating&...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 9 of 9