Biomechanické modely lidského těla / Biomechanical models of human body


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Mokhtar, A. A. , Hynčík, L. , Talimian, A.
Experimental moose test

Novák, Matyáš , Vackář, Jiří , Cimrman, Robert , Šipr, Ondřej
Adaptive Anderson mixing for electronic structure calculations

Convergence rates of iterative algorithms for solving non-linear fixed-point (or root-finding) problems depend on the quality of the solution guess done in each iteration, which is used as the starting value in the next step. To avoid instabilities and oscillations, that guess is u...

Hynčík, Luděk , Talimian, Abbas , Vychytil, Jan , Kleindienst, Jan , Gharbi, Slim , Ziazopoulos, Pantelis
Injury Assessment in Non-Standard Seating Configurations in Highly Automated Vehicles Using Digital Twin and Active Learning

Human-driven vehicles are going to be replaced by highly automated vehicles as one of the future mobility trends. Even though highly automated vehicles’ active safety systems can protect against vehicle-to-vehicle accidents, the traffic mix between human-driven vehicles and highly automated vehic...

Cimrman, R. , Kolman, R. , Musil, L. , Kotek, V. , Kylar, J.
Dynamics of a cantilever beam with piezoelectric sensor: Parameter identification

Li, Haiyan , Lv, Wenle , Hynčík, Luděk , Zhou, Bingbing , Zhao, Hongqian , Cui, Shihai , He, Lijuan , Ruan, Shijie
Injury study of the 6-year-old pediatric thorax and abdomen in frontal sled tests using different computational models

The correct use of Child Restraint System (CRS) is an internationally recognized effective measure to protect the safety of child occupants, which can reduce the probability of children's road traffic accident death by 54%-80%. Finite element (FE) study is one of the important ...