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Mokhtar, A. A. , Hynčík, L. , Talimian, A.
Experimental moose test

Hynčík, Luděk , Talimian, Abbas , Vychytil, Jan , Kleindienst, Jan , Gharbi, Slim , Ziazopoulos, Pantelis
Injury Assessment in Non-Standard Seating Configurations in Highly Automated Vehicles Using Digital Twin and Active Learning

Human-driven vehicles are going to be replaced by highly automated vehicles as one of the future mobility trends. Even though highly automated vehicles’ active safety systems can protect against vehicle-to-vehicle accidents, the traffic mix between human-driven vehicles and highly automated vehic...

Cimrman, R. , Kolman, R. , Musil, L. , Kotek, V. , Kylar, J.
Dynamics of a cantilever beam with piezoelectric sensor: Parameter identification

Cimrman, Robert
Leveraging Python tensor contraction packages for evaluating finite element weak forms

A new implementation of finite element matrix evaluation functions in the finite element code SfePy is introduced, leveraging several Python tensor contraction packages that implement a general function for evaluating expressions given using the Einstein summation convention. An example of the&#x...

Špička, Jan , Hynčík, Luděk , Jansová, Magdalena , Talimian, Abbas
Assessment of abdominal loading to pregnant model setup during vehicle frontal impact for different lap belt positions

The paper addresses a safety of a pregnant passenger from an injury risk point of view regarding to the position of seatbelt’s lap part. The finite element based pregnant abdomen model is incorporated into the simplified rigid body based female body model. The study was d...

Talimian, Abbas , Vychytil, Jan
The Effect of Pre-Crash Seat Rotation with and without Feet Support in Highly Automated Vehicle Rear-End Crash

An automated driving system (ADS) shall provide safer conditions for highly automated vehicle (HAV) users compared to standard vehicles since the human error is excluded. In following decades, however, one can expect the mixed fleet of both standard and automated vehicles on roads. ...

Vychytil, J. , Špička, J. , Hluchá, J. , Kovář, L. , Moravcová, P. , Bucsuhazy, K.
Innovative active head restraint system in car: Virtual prototyping and safety assessment

Talimian, A. , Vychytil, J.
Virthuman application for family safety in highly automated vehicle’s frontal crash

Špička, J. , Čermák, M. , Bońkowski, T. , Kroft, R. , Vychytil, J.
Support of the numerical mechanics in the clarification of the mysterious death of Jan Masaryk

Jansová, M. , Malotín, T. , Křen, J. , Votápek, P. , Lobovský, L. , Hynčík, L.
Biomechanical comparison of five implants used to treat a supracondylar periprosthetic fracture of ostheoporotic femur

Hynčík, L.
Subject-specific human body (sub-)models developed by morphing

Cimrman, M.
Assessment of Python tensor contraction packages in the context of finite element evaluations

Kottner, Radek , Kučerová, Karolína , Kochová, Petra , Bońkowski, Tomasz
Investigation of mechanical behaviour of LLDPE foil

LLDPE foil is commonly used for packing. Since this material allows large plastic deformations, it was suggested to use it as the main part of a new concept of safety systems for the automotive industry. A tensile test and an impact test with a spherical impactor wer...

Špirk, Stanislav , Vychytil, Jan , Špička, Jan
Simulation of tram-pedestrian collision with validated windshield material model

The rail industry has been significantly affected by the passive safety technology in the last few years. The tram front-end design must fulfil the new requirements for pedestrian passive safety performance in the near future. The requirements are connected with a newly prepared te...

Špička, Jan , Vychytil, Jan , Hynčík, Luděk , Bońkowski, Tomasz
Multipurpose virtual model of a human body and its utilization in the traffic safety

The aim of this work is the implementation of the virtual hybrid human body model Virthuman into the pedestrian traffic collision scenarios. The pedestrians are the most vulnerable traffic road users and they are exposed to a high risk and suffer with serious injuries and ...

Bońkowski, Tomasz , Hynčík, Luděk , Špička, Jan , Vychytil, Jan
Motorcycle accidents reconstruction and simulation - application of hybrid human body model

Motorcycle accidents with opposite vehicles are among the most difficult to reconstruct due to complicated kinematics and interactions between multiple participants. The Multi-Body System approach commonly applied in software packages as PC-Crash and Virtual-Crash, allows for proper reconstruction of ...

Bońkowski, Tomasz , Hynčík, Luděk , Lv, Wenle
PTW Passive Safety: Numerical Study of Standard Impact Scenarios with Rider Injury Risk Assessment

Powered two-wheeler (PTW) riders and passengers are among the group of vulnerable road users (VRU). This group uses the road transportation system together with other better-protected users such as passenger cars and truck drivers. The main vulnerability of PTW rider lies in their ...

Cimrman, Robert , Vackář, Jiří , Novák, Matyáš
Optimization of Pseudopotentials for Electronic Structure Calculations

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 18 of 18