Katedra podnikové ekonomiky a managementu / Department of Bussiness Administration and Management


Recent Submissions

Holeček, Tomáš
Strategická analýza vybrané organizace

The bachelor thesis deals with a strategic analysis of the environment of a specific organization through a thorough assessment of the current situation and position of the company based on the analysis of the internal and external environment. The thesis is structured into two...

Svatková, Nikola
Způsoby skladování materiálu v podniku

This bachelor's thesis entitled Ways of material in the company deals in the theoretical part with ways of storing material, types of stocks, logistics technologies, types of warehouses and, finally, types of handling units. In the practical part, the work is devoted to the...

Haňáková, Kamila
Crowdfunding pro firmy. Výzva a faktory úspěchu.

The main objective of this bachelor's thesis is to examine the obstacles and factors critical to the success of crowdfunding for businesses. It focuses on identifying the factors that influence the success of a crowdfunding campaign, including project presentation quality, efficient dono...

Bürgerová, Michaela
Zhodnocení skladování v podniku a návrhy na jeho zefektivnění

This bachelor thesis deals with the evaluation of material storage in a selected company and processing proposals for optimizing the storage. The aim of the thesis is to analyze the storage process in the production company MD ELEKTRONIK spol. s r.o. and propose possible measu...

Criclivaia, Maria
Význam nákupu pro efektivní fungování podniku

The aim of the presented bachelor thesis is to evaluate the procurement process of Škoda Transportation a. s. on the basis of theoretical knowledge and to propose possible measures to increase the efficiency of the procurement process. The theoretical part of the thesis presents&#x...