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Dolejšová, Kristina
Projekt implementace strategického programu organizace

This thesis is focused on Project of Implementation of Strategic Programme of Organization OK Záchlumí, a.s., which is producing metal parts. In this thesis are intertwined theoretical to the practical part in a logical context. In the beginning is introduction of the company and&#...

Šlechtová sojková, Olga
Návrh a optimalizace řízení změn ve vybraném podniku

This thesis describes analysis of state of change management in ŠKODA MACHINE TOOL a.s. company. Based on the analysis created together with company management interventions in the current process were proposed. The benefits of this process redesign are evaluated. The optimization of th...

Kovacsová, Petra
Procesní modelování vybraného procesu v konkrétním podniku

The thesis deals with modelling business processes in the company JTEKT Automotive Czech Plzen s.r.o. and their subsequent simulation. Attention is focused on the production process of column electric power steering system. The aim of the diploma thesis is to describe the selected ...

Pivoňka, Lukáš
Náklady účasti ve výběrovém řízení na veřejnou zakázku z pohledu dodavatele

The aim of the diploma thesis is to focus on finding out the total costs for suppliers which brings itself a taken part in award of public contracts. For clarification of the problems within award of public contracts from the view of legislation is done an analysis&#...

Faifr, Adam
Analýza a optimalizace procesů řízení kvality ve vybraném podniku

This diploma thesis deals with the analysis and optimization of quality management processes. In the first chapter the selected company is introduced. Quality management systems, from which the particular quality management processes are derived, is described in the second chapter. The paper...