Katedra podnikové ekonomiky a managementu / Department of Bussiness Administration and Management


Recent Submissions

Vrba, Jan
Optimalizace zavážení materiálu na výrobní linky

Handed master thesis is focused on optimization of material flow in the company Shape Corporation Česká republika s. r. o. The thesis is divided into two main parts. In the first, theoretical one, author firstly introduces the reader to basic terms of business logistics. In&#x...

Kupka, Robert
Projekt a jeho plán

The presented Master's thesis is focused on the project and its planning. The aim of this thesis is to define theoretical basis of project management, which are applied to the project named "Regeneration of the panel housing estate Pod Hůrkou, Klatovy - 3rd stage, par...

Pechátová, Barbora
Projekt a jeho plán

The master's thesis is elaborated on the topic "Project and its plan". The aim of this thesis is to plan and evaluate in detail the preparatory phase of the project "Startupuj" on the basis of the knowledge gained in the theoretical part. The project fo...

Cajthamlová, Petra
Analýza mezigeneračních odlišností v pracovním prostředí v oblasti odměňování

The Bachelor's thesis on the Analysis of Intergenerational Differences in the Working Environment in the Area of Remuneration focuses on the identification and subsequent characterization of intergenerational differences, what, for example, Generation X, Y, Z prefers and what, on the contrary...

Parák, Ondřej
Životní cyklus zaměstnance ve firmě

The bachelor thesis deals with the topic of the employee life cycle in the company, which is important for systematic work with employees. The aim of the thesis was to find out the current practices in the employee life cycle in the selected company and to propose&#x...