Volume 28 (2020)


Recent Submissions

Neigel, Peter , Ameli, Mina , Katrolia, Jigyasa , Feld, Hartmut , Wasenmüller, Oliver , Stricker, Didier
OPEDD: Off-Road Pedestrian Detection Dataset

The detection of pedestrians plays an essential part in the development of automated driver assistance systems. Many of the currently available datasets for pedestrian detection focus on urban environments. State-of-the-art neural networks trained on these datasets struggle in generalizing their ...

Glöckner, D.-Amadeus J. , Ihde, Lisa , Döllner, Jürgen , Trapp, Matthias
Intermediate Representations for Vectorization of Stylized Images

This paper presents a new approach for the vectorization of stylized images using intermediate data representations to interface image stylization and vectorization techniques. It enables the combination of efficient GPU-based implementations of interactive image stylization techniques and the advantages&#...

Benger, Werner , Leimer, Wolfgang , Baran, Ramona
Visualizing Massive Pristine LIDAR Amplitude Responses

Airborne light detection and ranging (LIDAR)- based bathymetry is a highly specialized field within the widely known and used geoscientific surveying technology based on green spectrum lasers. Green light can penetrate shallow water bodies such that river and lake beds can be surveyed.&...

Fischer, Roland , Dittmann, Philipp , Schröder, Christoph , Zachmann, Gabriel
Improved Lossless Depth Image Compression

Since RGB-D sensors became massively popular and are used in a wide range of applications, depth data compression became an important research topic. Live-streaming of depth data requires quick compression and decompression. Accurate preservation of information is crucial in order to prevent...

Napieralla, Jonah , Sundstedt, Veronica
Ultrawide Field of View by Curvilinear Projection Methods

The rectilinear Perspective projection produces natural-looking results on the condition that the degree of field of view (FoV) is narrow, as raising it causes an exponential increase in visual distortion. Curvilinear perspective projection methods that counter this issue exist in photography,&#x...