Recent Submissions

Stros, Michael , Říha, David
What is the value of growth companies? A methodical approach to the valuation of growth companies in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector

In the case of company takeovers, a comprehensive company valuation is an indispensable prerequisite for determining the actual value of the company. This is particularly important in times of increased company takeovers. Classical valuation methods, however, only take into account the finan...

Kotíková, Sylvie
Investiční pobídky jako nástroj technologického transferu

The Czech business environment is considered a successful recipient of strategic foreign capital but are the Czech regions able to effectively absorb and use the foreign presence to develop their business environment? The aim of this article is to determine the extent of which ...

Tsarpa, Ioanna , Koutroukis, Theodore
Marketing efficiency of second change schools, its application and usefulness for lifelong learning in Greece

The use of potential results to further develop efficiency of marketing services for learning in SCS (Second Change Schools) is the main purpose of this paper work. An overview of the marketing function in education is necessary at first, as part of the empirical researc...

Čuhlová, Renata
Internacionalizace elektronické komerce: čínský fenomén

The rapid development of technology and communication solutions has resulted in a fundamental shift in international trade in general and it has provided a great foundation for significant growth of e-commerce industry. Multinational companies in online business aim at internationalization strate...

Thi Hai Thuy, Ho , Hien Minh, Ha
The impact of CSR on brand image: a survey amongst Gen Z Consumers´ perception toward a supermarket chain in Viet Nam

The topic of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) continues to be a great importance to firms in their businesses, especially when the goal of company brand development associated with CSR activities. The study consists of literature review on CSR theories, concepts of brand image ...