Katedra výkonové elektroniky a strojů / Department of Power Electronics and Machines


Recent Submissions

Bhajana, V.V.S. Kumar , Drábek, Pavel , Jára, Martin , Popuri, Madhuchandra , Iqbal, Atif , Babu, Chitti B.
Investigation of a bidirectional DC/DC converter with zero-voltage switching operation for battery interfaces

This paper proposes a bidirectional DC–DC converter with soft-switching capabilities. The main characteristic of this converter is that it can be operated in both boost and buck modes. The major advantages of this converter are high efficiency and reduced switching loss in high-power&#x...

Šmídl, Václav , Glac, Antonín , Peroutka, Zdeněk
Time-Optimal Current Control of Synchronous Motor Drives

We are concerned with the problem of fast and accurate tracking of currents in the general synchronous drive. The problem becomes complicated with decreasing available voltage, which is common in high-speed and field weakening regimes. The existing time-optimal controllers rely on a sim...

Takács, Kristián , Frivaldský, Michal , Kindl, Vladimír , Bernat, Petr
Global Simulation Model Design of Input-Serial, Output-Parallel Solid-State Transformer for Smart Grid Applications

This paper provides an overview of an early attempt at developing a simulation model on a solid-state transformer (SST) based on input-serial and output-parallel (ISOP) topology. The proposed SST is designed as a base for a smart grid (SG). The paper provides a theoretical rev...

Daneshfar, Fatemeh , Jamshidi, Mohammad
An octonion-based nonlinear echo state network for speech emotion recognition in Metaverse

While the Metaverse is becoming a popular trend and drawing much attention from academia, society, and businesses, processing cores used in its infrastructures need to be improved, particularly in terms of signal processing and pattern recognition. Accordingly, the speech emotion recognition ...

Moztarzadeh, Omid , Jamshidi, Mohammad , Sargolzaei, Saleh , Jamshidi, Alireza , Baghalipour, Nasimeh , Moghani, Malekzadeh Mona , Hauer, Lukáš
Metaverse and Healthcare: Machine Learning-Enabled Digital Twins of Cancer

Medical digital twins, which represent medical assets, play a crucial role in connecting the physical world to the metaverse, enabling patients to access virtual medical services and experience immersive interactions with the real world. One serious disease that can be diagnosed and tre...