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Recent Submissions

Kotlan, Václav , Doležel, Ivo
Baking of thin electrically non-conductive layers by indirect induction heating

A model of baking electrically non-conductive thin layers (paints, lacquers and other covering material) is presented. The process of baking, whose purpose is to protect the metal substrate from unfavourable influences of environmental medium, is realized by indirect induction heating of the...

Petrášová, Iveta , Karban, Pavel , Forzan, M. , Doležel, Ivo , di Barba, P.
Sensitivity analysis of time of induction heating process on charge parameters

A model of determining the time necessary for ln­ duction heating of a ferromagnetic cylindrical charge to the Curie temperature ls presented, together w:lth findlng lts sensitivity to variable lnput parameters. Whlle the geometry or the lnductor and charge are known together wlth ...

Kuthan, Jiří , Juřík, Martin , Vítek, Martin , Mach, František
Collective planar actuation of miniature magnetic robots towards individual robot operation

Magnetic actuation technique for the collective operation of untethered miniature robots by uniform control input is presented. The technique allows us to actuate multiple robots simultaneously and enables us to prohibit the actuation of selected ones while others are still operated. Non-act...

Orosz, Tamás , Rassolkin, Anton , Kallaste, Ants , Arsenio, Pedro , Pánek, David , Kaska, Jan , Karban, Pavel
Robust design optimization and emerging technologies for electrical machines: challenges and open problems

The bio-inspired algorithms are novel, modern, and efficient tools for the design of electrical machines. However, from the mathematical point of view, these problems belong to the most general branch of non-linear optimization problems, where these tools cannot guarantee that a global ...