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Švehla, Michal , Řeřicha, Tomáš , Tupa, Jiří , Steiner, František
The role of process management in the context of industry 4.0

Process Management or Business Process Management (BPM) ideas published in a book Hammer’s Business Process Reengineering Concept, are implemented in many businesses nowadays. Process management helps companies achieve quality, time, and cost goals. In quality management systems, the concept of p...

Švehla, Michal , Tupa, Jiří
Process view on e-health with risk analysis

While technology is evolving to be more patient oriented to provide a better care for them. How the e-Health works from process view is a bit uncertainty about how. Many security questions need to be solved before using an e-Health as a tool for a wide range of&...

Resl, Vladimír , Soukup, Radek , Leba, Martin , Blecha, Tomáš , Řeboun, Jan , Drobičková, Klára , Bláhová, Eliška
Standardní, opomíjené i nové informace o kompesivní terapii bandážemi

The article is introduced with short summary of anatomical and pathological causative data of chronic venous insuficience. Patophysiological consequences and their influence upon indication and optimalisation of compressive treatment are closely discussed. Dependence of physical rules according to that...

Resl, Vladimír , Drobičková, Klára , Bláhová, Eliška , Soukup, Radek , Leba, Martin , Blecha, Tomáš , Řeboun, Jan
Nezbytnost objektivního měření dosažené léčebné komprese - nové patofyziologické úvahy a informace o terapii

The article features analysis of all noted as well as new factors that inluence treatment results by means of compression. The therapy outcome is last but not least dependent upon abilities of patient and on theoretic and practical skills of medical staff members. Selection of...