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Recent Submissions

Švarný, Jiří
Reliable digital dead-time generatorfor the GaN HEMTs based H-bridge converters

The paper deals with hardware solution of a fully digital dead-time generator. The circuit is applicable to the H-bridges based on any type of semiconductor switching devices including SiC, IGBT, Si-MOSFET and up-to-date GaN HEMTs. The generation of dead-times is ensured by commercially...

Justa, Josef , Šmídl, Václav , Hamáček, Aleš
Fast AHRS filter for accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope combination with separated sensor correstions

A new predictor–corrector filter for attitude and heading reference systems (AHRS) using data from an orthogonal sensor combination of three accelerometers, three magnetometers and three gyroscopes is proposed. The filter uses the predictor—corrector structure, with prediction based on gyroscopes and&...

Basl, Josef , Benešová, Andrea
Green industry 4.0 - analysis of green aspects penetration in business readiness models for industry 4.0

The article focuses on a closer look at the penetration of green aspects into phenomena called industry 4.0. The analysis is based on the available maturity models for industry 4.0, which are investigated to determine whether and to what extent they fulfill the “green” trends&...

Wang, Kaizheng , Wang, Feipeng , Shen, Zijia , Lou, Ziyi , Han, Qiuhuang , Li, Jian , Trnka, Pavel , Rozga, Pawel
Breakdown and streamer behavior in homogeneous synthetic trimethylolpropane triesters insulation oil

A new method, which involves the addition of alkaline Al2O3 (3 wt%) and activated clay (5 wt%) as adsorbents for homogeneous synthetic trimethylolpropane triesters (TME), is reported here to not only improve electrical properties but also to shed light on future volume production. ...

Švehla, Michal , Řeřicha, Tomáš , Tupa, Jiří , Steiner, František
The role of process management in the context of industry 4.0

Process Management or Business Process Management (BPM) ideas published in a book Hammer’s Business Process Reengineering Concept, are implemented in many businesses nowadays. Process management helps companies achieve quality, time, and cost goals. In quality management systems, the concept of p...