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Zemčík, Hana , Kroupa, Tomáš , Vaňková, Tereza , Zemčík, Robert , Pihera, Josef , Prosr, Pavel , Kadlec, Petr , Šroubová, Lenka , Müllerová, Eva , Martínek, Petr , Pavlica, Richard , Komárek, Josef , Friedl, Jan , Polanský, Radek
Hybrid steel–composite cross-arm for distribution power lines

This paper describes the development of electrically insulating hybrid steel–composite cross-arm for mediumvoltage overhead distribution power lines with three conductors. The main goal was to achieve substantial weight savings ompared to a common steel cross-arm with three ceramic insulators widely&#...

Zabelin, Denis , Zabelina, Anna , Guselnikova, Olga , Miliutina, Elena , Kolská, Zdeňka , Štulík, Jiří , Polanský, Radek , Elashnikov, Roman , Kalachyova, Evgeniia , Švorčík, Václav , Lyutakov, Oleksiy
Selective methane chemiresistive detection using MWCNTs array decorated by metal organic framework layer

Methane as a main component of natural gas, but simultaneously an explosive compound with pronounced negative environmental impact. Therefore, methane should be detected with high precision and reliability. However, the inertness and non-polar nature of methane is limiting its simple detection&#x...

Kalaš, David , Soukup, Radek , Řeboun, Jan , Radouchová, Michaela , Rous, Pavel , Hamáček, Aleš
Novel SMD Component and Module Interconnection and Encapsulation Technique for Textile Substrates Using 3D Printed Polymer Materials

Nowadays, a range of sensors and actuators can be realized directly in the structure of textile substrates using metal-plated yarns, metal-filament yarns, or functionalized yarns with nanomaterials, such as nanowires, nanoparticles, or carbon materials. However, the evaluation or control circuits ...

Hornak, Jaroslav , Trnka, Pavel , Prosr, Pavel , Michal, Ondřej , Kopřiva, Jiří
The Behavior of Cold-Curing Resin after Thermal and UV Radiation Exposures

Potting compounds are widely used in electrical engineering. One of the distinctive subgroups is the so-called cold-cure potting compounds. These potting compounds are mainly used for mechanical or photosensitive protection and are thus often exposed to extreme conditions due to their nature...

Michal, Ondřej , Mentlík, Václav , Hornak, Jaroslav
Influence of Prolonged Mixing of Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles on the Electrical Properties of Resin Nanocomposites

In today's world, scientists are focusing on developing new materials that provide lower costs, environmental sustainability or increased capabilities. One way to develop new materials is to modify conventional types already established in industry. An example is the development of composite&...