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Recent Submissions

Větrovec, Lukáš
Jedinost Boží a přidružování k Bohu jako etické kategorie koránského textu

This article is a contribution to sciences of Qur’anic semantics. It is an attempt to answer the questions about relations between theological doctrines, morality, and religious pluralism. Why Islam reserves ultimate truth just for itself? Could religious “others” reach salvation in t...

Větrovec, Lukáš
Křivda nesmírná aneb přidružování k Bohu jako etický problém v islámské interpretativní tradici

Bearing in mind common ground between Qur’anic denotations of injustice and polytheism, Qur’an explicitely claims polytheism to be “a grave injustice” (31:13). This article elaborates how and why could a religious doctrine be reflected in ethical cathegories in traditional Sunni scholarship.&#x...

Šašková, Kateřina
Hebrejci v Asýrii v 8. a 7. století př. n. l.

Assyrian sources provide a relatively large amount of references to the people living in Assyria and bearing the name of Hebrew (or probably Hebrew) origin. Some other persons are directly said to come from Israel or Judah. The following study attempts to identify these ...

Schneider, Filip
Byzantské vnímanie Jeruzalema v období neskorej antiky

Aelia Capitolina was an insignificant city in Roman perception; however, Christians saw it as the site of memory where Christ died, was buried, and came back from the dead. Through the various media such as the scriptures, Jerusalem had a symbolic significance for them. ...

Retka, Tomáš
Národnostní politika v Sovětském svazu na příkladu Střední Asie

The concept of national policy in the Soviet Union represents an interesting phenomenon. The Soviet Union was an ethnically very heterogeneous state, within which it was necessary to systematically conceive the position and relations between the individual ethnic groups. The aim...