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Recent Submissions

Šejbl, Jan
Hříšná exotika A. V. Nováka Literární obraz cesty do Asie v letech 1926–1927

Sinful Exotics of A. V. Novák Literary image of a journey to Asie in 1926–1927 Traveller and writer Archibald Václav Novák (1895–1979) rose to fame in the 1920s as the author of popular nov els and short stories inspired by a stay in Tahiti and the...

Schneider, Filip
Etnografický obraz Arabov v Byzancii 10. storočia

Roman historians developed a tradition of placing ethno graphic information into their works. The “Other” was an everyday reality of the Roman state. With its expansion more nations came into its orbit and thus to the attention of its writers. Arabs were&#...

Ondříčková, Marie
Churritský hymnus H6 – nejstarší píseň na světě

The article was focused on the oldest description of the song on the world. In the paper was analysed content of the note score and introduced its some of translations. It also mention about its place of discovery and its discov erers. The notati...

Matela, Jiří
Dadžare – japonský kalambúr a jeho výzkumný potenciál

Dajare – Japanese pun and its research potential The present paper introduces dajare as a Japanese form of puns, i.e. utterances with multiple meanings based on a wordplay. Dajare is chosen as a minimal text with a potential of humorous effect, thus a promising&#x...

Liščák, Vladimír
Marco Polo a jeho znalost asijských jazyků

Marco Polo and his knowledge of Asian languages Marco Polo (1254–1324) claimed (or rather his editors) that he could speak (and read) in other languages in ad dition to his own, at least five. Although he spoke little Chinese or rather not, he spoke a number&#...