Title: Revealing Hidden Orbital Pseudospin Texture with Time-Reversal Dichroism in Photoelectron Angular Distributions
Other Titles: Odhalení skryté orbitální pseudospin textury pomocí time-revesal dichroismu v úhlové distribuci fotoelektronů
Authors: Beaulieu, Samuel
Schusser, Jakub
Dong, Shuo
Schüler, Michael
Pincelli, Tommaso
Dendzik, Maciej
Maklar, Julian
Neef, A.
Ebert, Hubert
Hricovíni, Karol
Wolf, Martin
Braun, Jürgen
Rettig, Laurenz
Minár, Jan
Ernstorfer, Ralph
Citation: BEAULIEU, S., SCHUSSER, J., DONG, S., SCHÜLER, M., PINCELLI, T., DENDZIK, M., MAKLAR, J., NEEF, A., EBERT, H., HRICOVÍNI, K., WOLF, M., BRAUN, J., RETTIG, L., MINÁR, J., ERNSTORFER, R. Revealing Hidden Orbital Pseudospin Texture with Time-Reversal Dichroism in Photoelectron Angular Distributions. Physical review letters, 2020, roč. 125, č. 21. ISSN 0031-9007.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: American Physical Society
Document type: článek
URI: 2-s2.0-85097291425
ISSN: 0031-9007
Keywords: fotoemise;elektron;dichroism
Keywords in different language: photoemission;electron;dichroism
Abstract: Zavedli jsme novou fyzikální pozorovatelnou, která poskytuje informaci o orbitální textuře materiálů pevných látek. Více v anglické verzi.
Abstract in different language: We performed angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) of bulk 2H-WSe2 for different crystal orientations linked to each other by time-reversal symmetry. We introduce a new observable called time-reversal dichroism in photoelectron angular distributions (TRDAD), which quantifies the modulation of the photoemission intensity upon effective time-reversal operation. We demonstrate that the hidden orbital pseudospin texture leaves its imprint on TRDAD, due to multiple orbital interference effects in photoemission. Our experimental results are in quantitative agreement with both the tight-binding model and state-of-the-art fully relativistic calculations performed using the one-step model of photoemission. While spin-resolved ARPES probes the spin component of entangled spin-orbital texture in multiorbital systems, we unambiguously demonstrate that TRDAD reveals its orbital pseudospin texture counterpart.
Rights: © American Physical Society
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