Title: Surface band characters of the Weyl semimetal candidate material MoTe2 revealed by one-step angle-resolved photoemission theory
Authors: Ono, Ryota
Marmodoro, Alberto
Schusser, Jakub
Nakata, Yoshitaka
Schwier, Eike F.
Braun, Jürgen
Ebert, Hubert
Minár, Jan
Sakamoto, Kazuyuki
Krüger, Peter
Citation: ONO, R. MARMODORO, A. SCHUSSER, J. NAKATA, Y. SCHWIER, EF. BRAUN, J. EBERT, H. MINÁR, J. SAKAMOTO, K. KRÜGER, P. Surface band characters of the Weyl semimetal candidate material MoTe2 revealed by one-step angle-resolved photoemission theory. Physical Review B, 2021, roč. 103, č. 12, s. nestránkováno. ISSN: 2469-9950
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: American Physical Society
Document type: článek
URI: 2-s2.0-85104228208
ISSN: 2469-9950
Keywords in different language: resistivity;energy;WTE2
Abstract in different language: The layered two-dimensional material MoTe2 in the T-d crystal phase is a semimetal which has theoretically been predicted to possess topologically nontrivial bands corresponding to Weyl fermions. Clear experimental evidence by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) is, however, lacking, which calls for a careful examination of the relation between ground state band structure calculations and ARPES intensity plots. Here we report a study of the near-Fermi-energy band structure of MoTe2 (T-d) by means of ARPES measurements, density functional theory, and one-step-model ARPES calculations. Good agreement between theory and experiment is obtained. We analyze the orbital character of the surface bands and its relation to the ARPES polarization dependence. We find that light polarization has a major effect on which bands can be observed by ARPES. For s-polarized light, the ARPES intensity is dominated by subsurface Mo d orbitals, while p-polarized light reveals the bands mainly derived from Te p orbitals. Suitable light polarization for observing either an electron or hole pocket are determined.
Rights: © American Physical Society
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