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Zeman, V. , Hlaváč, Z. , Dyk, Š.
Modal synthesis method for vibration analyses of damped mechanical systems

Zapoměl, J. , Kozánek, J. , Košina, J. , Cibulka, J.
Study of the oscillation of a pendulum in a magnetic field

Zámečníková, T. , Mareš, T. , Padovec, Z. , Malá, A. , Kropík, B. , Vondráček, D.
Determination of the equivalent stiffness of thick-walled composite beams with an inter-circular cross-section using the semi-analytical method

Žák, J. , Ezenwankwo, J.
Problematic of composite materials with woven reinforcement

Vořechovský, M.
Failure probability estimation of functions with binary outcomes via adaptive sequential sampling

Vomáčko, V. , Šulc, M.
Cruciform biaxial tests of FRP: Influence of tabs thickness

Vaško, M. , Majko, J. , Handrik, M. , Vaško, M. , Sága, M.
Notch and load direction influence on impact toughness of composites reinforced with long fibers produced by 3D printing

Valášek, J. , Sváček, P.
On comparison of suitable interpolations for finite element meshes respecting physical laws

Timorian, S. , Valášek, M.
Dual frequency vibration absorber

Sváček, P.
On algebraic flux corrections for finite element approximation of transport phenomena

Šulda, J. , Kroft, R. , Adámek, V.
Identification of dispersion and attenuation curves of thin non-prismatic heterogeneous viscoelastic rods

Štorkán, J. , Vampola, T.
Vocal tract acoustic modelling using FEM with specific element

Šnábl, P. , Pešek, L. , Prasad, C.S. , Chindada, S.
Problematics of aerodynamic damping calculation from measured data of 5-blade cascade

Smolík, L. , Bulín, R. , Hajžman, M. , Byrtus, M. , Rendl, J.
Vibration analysis of a vertical rotor immersed in fluid at extreme operating temperatures

Škoda, J. , Cirkl, D. , Luciová, A.
Finite element model of interaction of human body and seat with variable stiffness

Šindel, T. , Šika, Z. , Zavřel, J.
Active vibration suppression synthesis of mechanisms with tensegrity properties

Šika, Zdeněk , Gregor, J. , Krivošej, J. , Vyhlídal, T.
Spatial active absorber for non-collocated vibration suppression

Sapietová, A. , Dekýš, V. , Šavrnoch, R., Z.
Analysis of production parameters of automotive components by injection moulding technology

Rohan, E. , Moravcová, F.
Analytical and numerical methods for modelling of acoustic streaming in homogenized rigid porous structures

Rohan, E. , Heczko, J.
Homogenization based two-scale modelling of unilateral contact in micropores of fluid saturated porous media

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 56