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Recent Submissions

Štenglová, Kateřina
Využití muzikoterapeutických prvků v rámci ergoterapie u dětských pacientů s kombinovaným postižením

This bachelor thesis focuses on the use of music therapy elements within occupational therapy practice. This study has two groups of participants. The first one consists of 28 occupational therapists from the Czech Republic, the second one consists of 37 occupational therapists from...

Nájemníková, Natálie
Význam ergoterapie v systému péče o děti s centrální koordinační poruchou

This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of central coordination disorder (CCD) in children. These are most often children in infancy who are in care. The theoretical part defines CCD, its occurrence, diagnosis and degrees of disability. The following chapter describes the psychomotor&...

Zděnková, Tereza
Problematika stereognozie v ergoterapii

This thesis deals with a disorder of stereognosis in people after a stroke in terms of ccupational therapy, and it points to the meaning of the stereognosis for doing daily activities. The thesis, in which 10 patients after a stroke were chosen, is processed in the f...

Novotná, Barbora
Možnosti využití přístroje Bimeo PRO u klientů po cévní mozkové příhodě z pohledu ergoterapeuta

The bachelor's thesis deals with the possibilities of using the Bimeo PRO device in clients after a stroke from the point of view of an occupational therapist. The theoretical part is devoted to an introduction to the issue of stroke, its distribution, rehabilitation, which...

Švábová, Kateřina
Hra jako terapie

This Bachelor thesis looks at assessing the limits in play in children diagnosed with cerebral palsy with either hemiparetic or diparetic forms. In the theoretical part the notion of the game and its possibilities of use in ergotherapy is pointed out here describing the devel-...