Katedra rehabilitačních oborů / Department of Rehabilitation Science


Recent Submissions

Vajaiová, Alena
Využití hipoterapie u dětí s centrální koordinační poruchou

The bachelor thesis deals with finding out the use and the effects of hippotherapy in children with the central coordination disturbance. There are summarized the temporary knowledge about the developmental kinesiology, diagnostics and degrees of the central coordination disturbance, physiotherapeutic...

Zbranková, Barbora
Kardiorehabilitace u pacientů po implantaci kardiostimulátoru

The subject of this bachelor thesis is the rehabilitation of the patients after pacemaker implantation. In the theoretic section the heart diseases that leads to surgery and pacemaker implantation will be introduced. This will be followed by the description of the mechanics of pace...

Zikmundová, Lucie
Léčba lymfedému u pacientek s karcinomem prsu

This bachelor thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part deals with lymphoedema, how to diagnose it and the possibility of rehabilitation. The main part of the thesis describes the diagnosis of lymphedema and the decongestive therapy of ...

Ševčík, Marek
Limity trupové stabilizace ve fitness dle konceptu dynamické neuromuskulární stabilizace

This bachelor thesis deals with Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (hereinafter "DNS") concept in context with fitness workout. The aim of the study is to create real ideas about functional stabilizational capacity in strengh training and determine its correlation with DNS tests. Thesi...

Sládková, Zuzana
Princip dynamické stabilizace kolenního kloubu u žen

The bachelor thesis deals with the evaluation of dynamic stabilization of the knee joint in women using the Y Balance Test and IM sensors. 20 women aged 20 to 25 years were contacted for the measurement. Prior to testing, a questionnaire was completed with the ...