Katedra rehabilitačních oborů / Department of Rehabilitation Science


Recent Submissions

Buchnerová, Viktorie
Metody nácviku soběstačnosti u osob s dětskou mozkovou obrnou.

This bachelor thesis tried to analyze the overall condition of adult persons with cerebral palsy. The aim was to find out, how is health condition of people with this diagnosis getting worse, how big are their secondary problems and the loss of self-sufficiency over the y...

Vavrušková, Eliška
Využití senzomotorických vložek v terapii získaných vad nohou.

The bachelor thesis deals with the applicability of sensorimotor insoles in the therapy of acquired foot defects. The theoretical part is divided into several parts, which deal mainly with the construction of the foot as a whole, there are summarized the most famous acquired&...

Vaverková, Eva
Možnosti fyzioterapie u svalové dystrofie zaměřené na facioscapulohumerální svalovou dystrofii

My bachelor thesis is focused on the basic characteristic and possible physiotherapy in genetically conditioned muscular dystrophy. The whole study is divided into two main parts: a theoretical one and a practical one. The theoretical part of study is structured into seven chapters ...

Velík, Stanislav
Sledování účinků senzomotorické stimulace za využití gyroskopických senzorů.

This thesis measures and compares tibia deviations using the instrumentál method of a gyroscope. The measurement was performed twice in the form of 5 exercises: forward weight transfer, forward lunge, squat, lunge test, and Y balance test. The method of sensomotor stimulation (SMS),...

Vokounová, Barbora
Sledování bolestivých stavů cervicocraniální oblasti při aplikaci reflexní masáže

The bachelor thesis deals with the application of reflexive massage of people of productive age with cervicocranial pain. The theoretical part describes the functional anatomy of the cervical spine, kinesiology of the cervical spine, pain and its types, scales for evaluating pain, indic...