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Kokošková, Hana
Využití možnosti canisterapie u pacientů s kognitivní poruchou z pohledu ergoterapie

This work deals with using the possibilities of canine therapy in patients with cognitive impairment from the perspective of occupational therapy. It consists of theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part describes the history of animal assisted therapy, canine therapy, cognitive ...

Halámka, Jiří
Využití dvojího úkolu v rehabilitaci vybraných onemocnění

This thesis is focused on the utilization of Dual-Task inside Rehabilitation of selected diseases. This thesis is about Dual-Task, Motor learning, Motor control, Rehablitation and choosen injury. In practical parts there are mentioned processing of 4 casuistries. In which interference under ...

Batěk, Martin
Možnosti testování vývojové dyspraxie

The work rates the way preschool children are able to handle the tests focused on fine motor skills, gross motor skills and balance. Completely new battery of tests is used as another possible way to test developmental dyspraxia.

Kaucký, Oldřich
Využití robotiky v rehabilitaci vybraných onemocnění

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe robotic systems in medical rehabilitation, motor system and selected diseases, which can affect central nervous system. In the next part of bachelor thesis with three probands with central paresis active movement of dominant upper limb...

Huclová, Barbora
Efekt terapie u stresové inkontinence

The subject of this bachelor thesis is the issue of female stress urinary incontinence. The theoretical part is focused on description and individual structures of pelvic floor following vertebrae deep stabilization system information. Furthermore, the theoretical part characterizes different types&#x...