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Recent Submissions

Merclová, Gabriela
Smyslová stimulace u osob s Alzheimerovou chorobou a s demencí z pohledu ergoterapeuta

This Bachelor thesis deals with sensory stimulation in people with Alzheimer´s dementia and with dementia from the perspective of an occupational therapist. It is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part deals with the human senses, sensory stimulation and&#...

Kolářová, Dominika
Riziko pádu u seniorů v institucionální péči z pohledu ergoterapie

Name and surname: Dominika Kolářová Department: Physiotherapy and occupational therapy Title of thesis: The risk of falling in institutional care from the perspective of an occupational therapist Consultant: PhDr. Ilona Zahradnická Number of pages - numbered: 78 Number of ...

Trnková, Eliška
Dynamika horního limitu trupové stabilizace v silovém tréninku

This bachleor's thesis was written to adress whether active trunk stabilization exercises have an effect on improving the quality of active trunk stabilization when performin the benchpress exercise with a neutral spinal alignment, and whether one stabilized maximum approaches one repetition&...

Tesařová, Daniela
Pohybová aktivita u jedinců s morbus Scheuermann

This bachelor's thesis deals with the determination of appropriate physical activity for patients with Scheuermann's disease as a result of examination to reduce pain, maintain or increase the range of motion of the spine and shoulder joints. The work is divided into two pa...

Vokurka, Adam
Možnosti fyzioterapie u pacientek po léčbě nemetastatického karcinomu prsu

This bachelor´s thesis deals with the possibilities of physiotherapy in patients after treatment of non-metastatic breast cancer. The main aim of this thesis is to evaluate the importance of individual physiotherapy intervention in patients after partial breast resection for non-metastatic cancer...