Katedra rehabilitačních oborů / Department of Rehabilitation Science


Recent Submissions

Walenková, Anežka
Využití proprioceptivní neuromuskulární facilitace v ergoterapii.

This dissertation focused on the effects of therapy using the proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation method with respect to occupational therapy of patients recovering from a stroke. The theoretical part describes the proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) method, problems of hemiparetic should...

Klaus, Vojtěch
Řešení ortéz pro vertikalizaci a chůzi pro pacienty s onemocněním Charcot-Marie-Tooth

The topic of this bachelor thesis is Charcot-Marie-Tooth syndrome and posibilities of solving orthoses to relief patient movement. The introduction of my work is the history of the disease and the clinical status of the disease. I also wrote about diagnostic methods and possibiliti...

Zahořová, Markéta
Pomůcky pro rozvoj psychomotorického vývoje kojenců

The subject of this bachelor thesis is related to correct handling and aids for infants. These aids are nowadays an integral part of everyday activities for infants. The theoretical part includes three basic chapters that describe the whole concept influencing psychomotor and cognitive&...

Nárožná, Andrea
Fyzioterapie v terapii a prevenci nejčastějších úrazů v ledním hokeji (rešeršní práce)

This Bachelor thesis deals with the possibilities of using physiotherapy for the prevention and therapy of various injuries incurred by ice - hockey players. The first part of the work briefly describes the history, characterstics and rules of ice - hockey. Equipment and gear, ...

Votík, Tomáš
Sledování zapojení svalů v oblasti kolenního kloubu pomocí EMG při dřepu a jeho modifikacích

This thesis describes diferences of muscles involvement around knee joint during squat. In this thesis are observated three squats: Basic deep squat, squat with weight and pathological squat. We obsarvate m. vastus medialis and m. vastus lateralis with electromyography and then we compa...