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Kokošková, Hana
Využití možnosti canisterapie u pacientů s kognitivní poruchou z pohledu ergoterapie

This work deals with using the possibilities of canine therapy in patients with cognitive impairment from the perspective of occupational therapy. It consists of theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part describes the history of animal assisted therapy, canine therapy, cognitive ...

Halámka, Jiří
Využití dvojího úkolu v rehabilitaci vybraných onemocnění

This thesis is focused on the utilization of Dual-Task inside Rehabilitation of selected diseases. This thesis is about Dual-Task, Motor learning, Motor control, Rehablitation and choosen injury. In practical parts there are mentioned processing of 4 casuistries. In which interference under ...

Batěk, Martin
Možnosti testování vývojové dyspraxie

The work rates the way preschool children are able to handle the tests focused on fine motor skills, gross motor skills and balance. Completely new battery of tests is used as another possible way to test developmental dyspraxia.

Kaucký, Oldřich
Využití robotiky v rehabilitaci vybraných onemocnění

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe robotic systems in medical rehabilitation, motor system and selected diseases, which can affect central nervous system. In the next part of bachelor thesis with three probands with central paresis active movement of dominant upper limb...

Huclová, Barbora
Efekt terapie u stresové inkontinence

The subject of this bachelor thesis is the issue of female stress urinary incontinence. The theoretical part is focused on description and individual structures of pelvic floor following vertebrae deep stabilization system information. Furthermore, the theoretical part characterizes different types&#x...

Krystek, Pavel
Objektivizace tlaku komprese při léčbě lymfedému

This bachelor's work is looking into objectivization of pressure, applied by two devices, which are used in case of lymphatic drainage with compression pumps, which is part of complex decongestive therapy of lymphedema. This work is separated in two main parts theoretical and&...

Urbanová, Růžena
Možnosti ergoterapie u osob po šlachových transferech

In a theoretical part, a bachelor´s thesis deals with problems of a tendon transfer, the most frequent diagnosis, where the transfer is used and usually used ergotherapeutic activities. In a practical part, a questionnaire is evaluated and processed studies of two female clients wi...

Kubečková, Jana
Sledování odvíjení plosky nohy u severské chůze s obuví barefoot

The aim of this thesis is to find out if there is a diference between the foot roll-off during walking barefoot, in minimalistic shoes and in conventional footwear and if the foot roll-off changes, when the nordic walking poles will be joined to the walk in theese&#x...

Hemzáček, Petr
Sledování změn posturální stability při dlouhodobém tréninku na přístroji Nintendo Wii

This paper discusses the possibilities and the benefits of gaming consoles and associated games in motion rehabilitation and physiotherapy as such. It describes the general history of gaming consoles, explains the benefits of their use in rehabilitation, mainly the Nintendo Wii (Nintendo...

Kvapilová, Barbora
Svalové oslabení - problém v ergoterapii

The present thesis is concerned with muscular weakening associated with central paresis from the occupational therapy point of view. The first part briefly describes the motoric system. The second chapter outlines the issue of muscular weakness, which is further developed in the third&#...

Pomyjová, Šárka
Modifikace terapeutické hmoty a její využití u dětí předškolního věku se speciálními vzdělávacími potřebami

This bachelor thesis is focused on use and modifications of therapeutic plasticine with pre-school children with special educational needs. This thesis consists of a theoretical and a practical part. In the theoretical part I focused on the therapeutic plasticine, types of ...

Kitromilidi, Ilias
Ergoterapeutické přístupy u dětí s hyperkinetickou poruchou

This thesis is about attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity and problems in the behavior of kids with ADHD syndrome. It also includes their affection by using occupational therapy approaches. This thesis is composed of the theoretical part and the practical part. the theoretical part...

Švarcová, Ellen
Fyzioterapie ramenního kloubu ve vzpěračském sportu

The thesis deals with the kinesiology of the shoulder joint and its patology in connection with the practicing of weightlifting. It is focused on the co-ordination of the anatomical structures of the shoulder girdle and its influence on the movement´s effectiveness. It also contain...

Kossúthová, Eva
Fyzioterapie u dysmenorhei

This bachelor thesis focuses on the possibilities of treatment for dysmenorrhea. It has a theoretical part which deals with kinesiology in the pelvic floor, the female reproductive system, normal and pathological menstrual cycle, the position of the pelvis and legs. It also includes...

Vraná, Radka
Význam motorického učení u pacientů po cévní mozkové příhodě.

The theoretical part of the thesis summarizes the knowledge about motor learning.Problems of stroke.In addition,the examination methods are summarized and used.In the practical part the thesis deals withcase studies and the use of motor learning.There are hypotheses,described methodology of work ...

Dlabáčková, Anna
Možnosti ergoterapie u osob s Aspergerovým syndromem

This thesis is focused on the diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome and its therapeutic influence especially from the perspective of Occupational Therapist. The thesis is devided into two parts - theoretical and practical. The teoretical part deals with Asperger's Syndrome, its history,&...

Ludínová, Nicola
Fyzioterapeutická intervence syndromu karpálního tunelu

The aim of this study was to find out if physiotherapeutical intervention can favourably influence a sensitive deficiency arisen in consequence of compression of median nerve fibers. This compression is caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. In this study, the physiotherapeutical intervention mea...

Krylová, Markéta
Ovlivnění spasticity u pacientů se spinální lézí.

This bachelor thesis is occupied with the issues of influence on the spasticity in connection with the spinal cord lesion. The thesis is divided in two parts the theoretical and practical part. The author describes causes for picking this topic, introduces readers to the ...

Novotná, Karolína
Historie bosu, cvičení a vliv na pohybový aparát

My bachelor's thesis seeks to examine how BOSU balance trainer effects the human motor apparatus. In the first, theoretical chapter, the thesis describes the history of BOSU? in detail, what the BOSU is, what are the principles of this training, indication and contradiction. Sp...

Zemánek, Vít
Nové trendy fyzioterapie po plastice předního zkříženého vazu

This bachelor's thesis is focused on new trends in physiotherapy after plastic reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament. The work is divided into a theoretical part and a practical one. The theoretical part describes anatomy, biomechanics and pathophysiology of the anterio...

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 20 z 332