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Petráková, Simona
Kvalita života pacienta s těžkým syndromem spánkové apnoe

This thesis deals with the issue of the quality od life of patience with serious sleep apnoea syndrome. It is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part desribes essential information about the quality of life and also includes chapters about the...

Ulčová, Martina
Optimální nastavení procesů manipulace s biologickýcm materiálem v práci všeobecné sestry

The thesis focuses on the manipulation with a biological material in nursing practice. The most discussed issue is the problem of the manipulation with samples of the biological material for laboratory diagnostics, which includes sampling, storage and transport of the material to the&#x...

Valtová, Lenka
Transarteriální radioembolizace

The aim of my work is to evaluate the results of transarterial radioembolization (TARE) performed at the Department of radiology and imaging sciences at the University Hospital in Plzen. The work is a theoretical introduction to the preparative and applicative part of the intervent...

Fürychová, Nikola
Sledování vybraných parametrů (TEWL, elasticita, pigmentace) kůže u dialyzovaných nemocných

The thesis is focused on problems related to skin bioengineering parameters in patients on dialysis. A research intention was to explain some skin pathological findings and effect of dialysis on the skin based on the measured values of selected parameters (TEWL, elasticity, pigmentation...

Průšová, Kristýna
Transkulturní problematika v současném ošetřovatelství

The theoretical part of this thesis focuses on discribing the main points, which explain the central topic of this work transcultular nursing. The practical part presents research including its results. One of these results is describing an awareness connected with providing of&#...