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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20063D reconstruction and visualization of spiral galaxiesHildebrand, Kristian; Magnor, Marcus; Fröhlich, Bernd
2009Algebraic 3D reconstruction of planetary nebulaeWenger, Stephan; Fernández, Juan Aja; Morisset, Christopher; Magnor, Marcus
2007Automatic Creation of Object Hierarchies for Ray Tracing of Dynamic ScenesEisemann, Martin; Grosch, Thorsten; Magnor, Marcus; Müller, Stefan
2011CUDA expression templatesWiemann, Paul; Wenger, Stephan; Magnor, Marcus
2004External camera calibration for synchronized multi-video systemsIhrke, Ivo; Ahrenberg, Lukáš; Magnor, Marcus
2008Fast incident light field acquisition and renderingIhrke, Ivo; Stich, Timo; Gottschlich, Heiko; Magnor, Marcus; Seidel, Hans-Peter
2006Light Field Rendering using Matrix OpticsAhrenberg, Lukáš; Magnor, Marcus
2003Online accelerated rendering of visual hulls in real scenesLi, Ming; Magnor, Marcus; Seidel, Hans-Peter
2005Realistic Solar Disc RenderingLinţu, Andrei; Haber, Jörg; Magnor, Marcus
2011Robust feature point matching in general multi-imageSellent, Anita; Eisemann, Martin; Magnor, Marcus
2010Sparse Bundle Adjustment Speedup StrategiesLipski, Christian; Bose, Denis; Eisemann, Martin; Berger, Kai; Magnor, Marcus
2010Target Space Modeling - The End of 3D WidgetsBerger, Kai; Linz, Christian; Lipski, Christian; Vaudrey, Tobi; Klette, Reinhard; Magnor, Marcus
2009vIsage - A visualization and debugging framework for distributed system applicationsLipski, Christian; Berger, Kai; Magnor, Marcus
2010Visualization of the continental drift in real-timeRogge, Lorenz; Lipski, Christian; Magnor, Marcus