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Recent Submissions

Štěbetáková, Michaela
Prostorové změny obyvatelstva Ústeckého kraje od poloviny 20. století do současnosti a socioekonomické souvislosti tohoto jevu

This thesis describes changes in population structure and density of region Usti, one of the NUTS3 regions of the Czech republic, since the half of the 20th century. This time period is divided into 3 phases. In them are compared spatial changes which happened during this...

Jílková, Tereza
Image města Plzně pohledem jeho obyvatel

The bachelor's thesis deals the image of Pilsen city from the perspective of its inhabitants. In the theoretical part are defined terms. It is the image, history, features, components, types, creation and analysis. Further the image focuses specifically on the city and urban&#...

Hamor, Mykola
Image města Plzně pohledem studentů Západočeské univerzity v Plzni

This bachelor thesis is focused on the image of the city of Pilsen. At the beginning of the thesis, the concepts of image and identity are theoretically defined. The theoretical part deals with the characteristics of urban marketing as a tool for creating and improving th...

Koštelová, Jana
Revitalizace středů měst na příkladu města Písku. Aktéři, problémy, možnosti řešení

This bachelor thesis is interested in problematics of town centres on the example of the town Písek. The main interest is to find the needs, opinions and attitudes of the key actors in the development of the town Písek to revitalise the town centre. To propose a ...

Klečková, Diana
Charakteristika periferních oblastí Plzeňského kraje

This bachelor thesis is focusing on characterization of current peripheral areas in the Pilsen region, using selected data about population, economy and social infrastructure. The main reason was to find out actual problems of those district areas, which are limiting their development. ...