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Recent Submissions

Komers, František
Dopravně-geografické vztahy ve Šluknovském výběžku

The bachelor's thesis is interested in transport-geographic relations in the Šluknov promontory. The main goal of the work is the overall assessment of the traffic situation in the region under study. In the introductory chapters of the work, readers are introduced to the basic...

Veit, Michal
Ekonomicko-geografický kontext dominance fotbalových týmů \nl{}z pohárové Evropy

Since the beginning of human civilization, regions have been divided into core regions and periphery regions. Regions of the core, which had wealth, and regions of the periphery, which were often exploited by the regions of the core. Later, various theories of regional development,...

Strolená, Marie
Hodnocení zeleně v kontextu historického vývoje Horažďovic

The aim of the work is to evaluate the greenery in public spaces, squares and the historical centre of the city. The method of evaluation is field and archival research. The thesis uses photographs, historical plans and paintings from which the quantity and condition of t...

Šíma, Michal
Potenciál Drnového potoka pro rozvoj veřejných prostranství \nl{}v Klatovech

This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of public spaces along the creek Drnový potok within the city of Klatovy. The thesis deals with the concept of public spaces and its meaning. At the same time, it analyses the types of public spaces, what functions these spac...

Skaláková, Jana
Prostorová diferenciace výsledků politické strany Kotlebovci \nl{}- Ľudová strana Naše Slovensko v parlamentních volbách v letech 2016 a 2020

The bachelor thesis examines the spatial differentiation of the results of the political party K-ĽSNS in parliamentary elections in 2016 and 2020. The bachelor thesis also explores the determinants of electoral support, the differences between 2016 and 2020 and looks for factors that&#x...