Recent Submissions


Wieczorek, Bożena , Połomski, Marcin
Sequential and parallel simulated annealing to solve the VRPTW

This work presents sequential and parallel simulated annealing algorithm to solve the vehicle routing problem with time windows (VRPTW). The VRPTW is a combinatorial optimization problem in which the number of vehicles and the total distance travelled by the vehicles are to ...

Skowronek, Konrad
Linguistic variables for identification of photovoltaic matrix

The paper presents the problems of assessing the effect of changes in the properties of a photovoltaic matrix (photocells) induced by its faulty operation. The principles of determining the degree of changes in matrix properties in order to identify its parameters is propose...

Michniakova, Mária , Janoušek, Ladislav , Smetana, Milan
Impact of probe configuration on cracks’ resolution in pulsed eddy current non-destructive evaluation

Pulsed eddy current non-destructive evaluation is concerned in the paper. Impact of eddy-current probe’s configuration on response signals, especially on crack’s depth resolution from the signals is numerically investigated. Orientation of an exciting coil of the probe regarding surface of...

Jajczyk, Jarosław
Genetic algorithm and parallel computing

The paper presents an optimisation algorithm for the geometry of three-phase unscreened high-current busways with solid insulation. A genetic algorithm method and parallel computing were used for this purpose. Moreover, the paper discusses the methodology of defining an objective function&...