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Szczegielniak, Tomasz , Kusiak, Dariusz , Piątek, Zygmunt
Magnetic field around flat high-current gas-isolated three-phase enclosed busducts

Henzl, Ctibor
Laplace equation in EXCEL VBA

This paper deals with the application of EXCEL VBA in teaching the electromagnetic field.

Kacerovský, Jan , Brabec, Jan , Mach, František , Karban, Pavel , Doležel, Ivo
Experimental electrostatic separator for plastic mixture

The paper deals with the verification of the experimental electrostatic separator. Some individual industrial plastic materials are experimentally verified for finding of the direction of deflection of particles. On this basis it is selected one mixture of particles for the verificati...

Pšenáková, Zuzana , Beňová, Mariana
Effects of 2.4 GHz radiofrequency radiation to pacemaker

Electromagnetic field (EMF) could make interference with some implantable devices like pacemakers. The aim of this work is to show some effects of radiofrequency radiation on pacemaker.

Šroubová, Lenka , Hamar, Roman , Kropík, Petr
Buried pipelines influenced by transmission lines

This paper deals with the possibilities of suppressing influence of electrical and magnetic fields of three-phase overhead lines on buried pipelines using shielding band. There are considered various shapes of the shielding band.

Karban, Pavel , Mach, František
Adaptive error estimators for solving of wave equations

Adaptive techniques based on different criteria are presented and compared. The criteria represented by the several error estimators are applied to h-adaptive, p-adaptive and hp-adaptive approaches to the numerical solution of a typical problem solved by own code Agros2D based on ...

Nazarčík, Tomáš , Benešová, Zdeňka
Prediction of possible corona occurrence in the vicinity of multi-circuit overhead lines with different voltages

This paper deals with an analysis of the corona occurrence on the multi-circuit overhead lines with different voltages. The electric field is evaluated in the close vicinity of lower voltage conductors of the line. Various phase configurations have been calculated.

Pruski, Piotr , Paszek, Stefan
Calculations of electromechanical eigenvalues based on instantaneous power waveforms at a step disturbance

The paper presents the calculation results of state matrix eigenvalues (associated with electromechanical phenomena) of the power system model based on the analysis of simulated instantaneous power disturbance waveforms of power system generating units at a step disturbance introduced in&#...

Nawrowski, Ryszard , Stein, Zbigniew , Zielińska, Maria
Calculation of output voltage values of a transformer subjected to asymmetric load

The paper presents the formulae necessary for calculating the output voltage values in power transformers subject to asymmetric loads, with the use of MCAD software.

Nawrowski, Ryszard , Stein, Zbigniew , Zielińska, Maria
Baseline equations for purposes of analysis of a three-phase three-winding transformer under asymmetric load

The paper presents a set of equations enabling analysis of operation of a three-phase three-winding transformer under asymmetric load. For a selected asymmetric state of the transformer the characteristic output values of the transformer have been computed with the use of the...

Majka, Łukasz
Measurement based inductor modeling for the purpose of ferroresonance analyses

The paper presents the results of modeling and measuring verification of the nonlinear inductor model. A nonlinear inductor physical model based on a simplified theory was proposed and used in the computations. In the assumption it has to be easy to adapt in a far&...

Kazakov, Yu. B. , Tikhonov, A. I. , Bulatov, L. N.
Improvement of computation speed of finite-element model of induction machine dynamics with the use of parallel computing technology

Suggested is a method of improvement of computation speed of finite-element model of induction machine.

Kazakov, Yu. B. , Shvetsov, N. K.
Core losses estimation in induction motor supplied by frequency converter with pulse width voltage modulation

Core losses estimation in the induction motor was performed using analytical method and finite element method.

Stubendeková, Andrea , Janoušek, Ladislav
The comparison of standard and innovated eddy current testing

This article deals with eddy current testing (ECT) which belongs to the electromagnetic non-destructive methods. The main purpose of this work is the comparison of standard harmonic ECT with swept frequency eddy current technique. An austenitic steel plate containing notches with ...

Fejfarová, Hana
Safety recommendations for working with magnetic fluids

The research described in this report is focused on the possible effect of magnetic fluids on the human organism and defining of the safety recommendations.

Eichler, Jakub , Novák, Miroslav , Košek, Miloslav
Practical model for ferromagnetic materials

Preisach model was found to be a good tool for accurate description of technical ferromagnetic materials. Material in the model is given by the weighting function that must be found from experiment. The use of well-known statistical functions as an approximation of the ...

Polcar, Petr , Český, Josef , Charvát, Tomáš
On magnetic fluid particles dynamics investigation

This paper deals with the investigation of the dynamics of magnetorheological fluid. The response of ferromagnetic particles to changes in external magnetic field is observed with the use of high speed camera. Optically obtained data are processed with the use of scientific ...

Slobodnik, Karel , Jansa, Jindřich
Numerical modeling of eddy current defectoscopy probe

Investigation of pulsed eddy current non-destructive testing of bodies made of conductive materials is presented. For the purpose of development of suitable probes, the numerical model was stated. The investigated eddy current probe is a differential type consisting of one excitation&...

Štekl, Pavel , Kadlec, Petr
Influence of oxygen content at the PEM fuel cell cathode

The PEM fuel cell represents currently one of the most common types of fuel cells and the analysis of this fuel cell behavior under various operating conditions is essential for provision of optimum performance. This contribution deals with demonstration of great influence o...

Smetana, Milan , Čapová, Klára , Chudáčik, Vladimir
Impact of testing probe on identification of fatigue cracks in nondestructive inspection of biomaterials

The paper deals with impact of various testing probes on eddy current signals in non-destructive evaluation of conductive biomaterials. The biomaterial samples with presence of fatigue cracks will be inspected under the same conditions. Paramagnetic biomaterials with defined electric and&#...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 37