Title: Mechanical and electrical properties of evaporated thin layers
Authors: Vejmola, Tomáš
Yahya, Doaa
Sandera, Josef
Citation: Electroscope. 2014, č. 3, EDS 2014.
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Západočeská univerzita v Plzni, Fakulta elektrotechnická
Document type: článek
ISSN: 1802-4564
Keywords: tenké vrstvy;vakuové odpařování;mechanické vlastnosti;elektrické vlastnosti;elektrická měření
Keywords in different language: thin layers;vacuum evaporation;mechanical properties;electrical properties;electrical measurements
Abstract in different language: The study deals with the vacuum evaporation technique of thin layers, considering different process parameters and their influence on electrical properties. Parameters, such as temperature, different substrate types, substrate vibrations, etc., are considered. The effects of the process parameters on the coating structure are observed. The temperature affects the coating quality and stability [1] [2]. Regarding electrical properties, the surface resistivity is measured by four-point method, whereas the influence of process parameters on the surface resistivity is determined as well.
Rights: Copyright © 2014 Electroscope. All Rights Reserved.
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Číslo 3 (2014)

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