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Pihera, Josef , Steiner, František
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Kotě, Vlastimil , Molata, V. , Jakovenko, Jiří
Enhanced Generic Architecture for Safety Increase of True Random Number Generators

Conventionally used generic architecture of true random number generators does not allow testing of random numbers during their generation. This paper introduces an extension of the conventionally used generic architecture and describes mechanisms that can be implemented in new blocks and en...

Vejmola, Tomáš , Yahya, Doaa , Sandera, Josef
Mechanical and electrical properties of evaporated thin layers

The study deals with the vacuum evaporation technique of thin layers, considering different process parameters and their influence on electrical properties. Parameters, such as temperature, different substrate types, substrate vibrations, etc., are considered. The effects of the process parameters on&...

Vacula, Patrik , Husák, Miroslav
Comparison of Waffle and standard gate pattern base on specific on-resistance

The main goal of this work is to compare the different Waffle MOS structures as function between main dimensions and channel resistance (specific on-resistance). Even if Waffle MOS structure is so general that it is independent on dedicated CMOS process in fact constrains coming&#x...

Kubáň, Marián
Dual 11-Bit Current-Steering D/A Converter for the Transmission of I-Q Encoded Information

This paper presents the design of an 11-bit dual D/A converter for the transmission of I-Q encoded information. The intended field of application is the automotive industry. Therefore the specific environmental hazards had to be considered, primarily the wide operating temperature range...