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dc.contributor.authorKato, Takuya
dc.contributor.authorSaito, Shunsuke
dc.contributor.authorKawai, Masahide
dc.contributor.authorIwao, Tomoyori
dc.contributor.authorMaejima, Akinobu
dc.contributor.authorMorishima, Shigeo
dc.contributor.editorSkala, Václav
dc.identifier.citationWSCG 2014: Full Papers Proceedings: 22nd International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision in co-operation with EUROGRAPHICS Association, p. 121-130.en
dc.description.abstractA key disadvantage of blendshape animation is the labor-intensive task of sculpting blendshapes with individual expressions for each character. In this paper, we propose a novel system ”Character Transfer”, that automatically sculpts blendshapes with individual expressions by extracting them from training examples; this extraction creates a mapping that drives the sculpting process. Comparing our approach with the naïve method of transferring facial expressions from other characters, Character Transfer effectively sculpted blendshapes without the need to create such unnecessary blendshapes for other characters. Character Transfer is applicable even the training examples are limited to only a few number by using region segmentations of the face and the blending of the mappings.en
dc.format10 s.cs
dc.publisherVáclav Skala - UNION Agencycs
dc.relation.ispartofseriesWSCG 2014: Full Papers Proceedingsen
dc.rights© Václav Skala - UNION Agencycs
dc.subjectanimace obličejecs
dc.subjectblandshape animacecs
dc.subjectsegmentace modelu obličejecs
dc.subjectvýraz obličejecs
dc.titleCharacter Transfer: Example-based individuality retargeting for facial animationscs
dc.typekonferenční příspěvekcs
dc.subject.translatedfacial animationen
dc.subject.translatedblendshape animationen
dc.subject.translatedfacial model segmentationen
dc.subject.translatedfacial expressionen
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