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Bohdal, Róbert
Improvement of some interpolation methods for terrain reconstruction from scattered data

Using GPS modules it is easy to obtain 3D data for areas that have not been digitized yet. Such terrain data are usually not arranged in a grid, and therefore we have to use scattered data interpolation methods. The aim of the paper is to create a di...

Mylo, Marlon , Klein, Reinhard
Pushpins for edit propagation

In this paper we present an approach for stroke-input based foreground estimation of measured materials with a near regular structure. To enable extraction of high-quality editing masks even from difficult materials, we combine a state of the art lattice-detection algorithm with a novel...

Hartmann, Stefan , Weinmann, Michael , Wessel, Raoul , Klein, Reinhard
StreetGAN: towards road network synthesis with generative adversarial networks

We propose a novel example-based approach for road network synthesis relying on Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), a recently introduced deep learning technique. In a pre-processing step, we first convert a given representation of a road network patch into a binary image where pixe...

Arvanitis, Gerasimos , Lalos, Aris S. , Moustakas, Konstantinos , Fakotakis, Nikos
Fast and effective dynamic mesh completion

We introduce a novel approach to support fast and efficient completion of arbitrary animation sequences, ideally suited for real-time scenarios, such as immersive tele-presence systems and gaming. In most of these applications, the reconstruction of 3D animations is based on dynamic meshes&#...

Gerighausen, Daniel , Hausdorf, Alrik , Zänker, Sebastian
iDotter: an interactive dot plot viewer

Bioinformaticians judge the likelihood of the overall RNA secondary structure based on comparing its base pair probabilities. These probabilities can be calculated by various tools and are frequently displayed using dot plots for further analysis. However, most tools produce only static dot&...