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Riachy, Chirine , Al-Maadeed, Noor , Organisciak, Daniel , Khelifi, Fouad , Bouridane, Ahmed
3D Gaussian Descriptor for Video-based Person Re-Identification

Despite being often considered less challenging than image-based person re-identification (re-id), video-based person re-id is still appealing as it mimics a more realistic scenario owing to the availability of pedestrian sequences from surveillance cameras. In order to exploit the temporal infor...

Khaksari Haddad, Hadi , Laurendeau, Denis
Alignment of Point Clouds for Comparison of Infrastructures in Civil Engineering on Quality Control in Metrology

For 3D point cloud registration, Go-ICP [Yang et al., 2016] has been shown to obtain the global optimal solution for a pair composed of a model point cloud and a data point cloud. Go-ICP mostly has been investigated only on standard sets of point clouds. In this ...

Jeffery, Clinton L.
The City Metaphor in Software Visualization

A city metaphor has become a popular method of visualizing properties of program code. This paper provides an overview of research projects that employ this metaphor for a wide range of software engineering tasks. Until now, projects employing the city metaphor have primarily focus...

Sekmen, Selin , Akyüz, Ahmet Oguz
Compressed Exposure Sequences for HDR Imaging

High dynamic range (HDR) imaging techniques allow photographers to capture the luminance distribution in the real-world as it is, freeing them from the limitations of capture and display devices. One common approach for creating HDR images is the multiple exposures technique (MET). This...

Qi, Zhe , Lee, Jong Kwan
Automated Object Tracking in Sterile Pharmacy

A new method to automatically track objects in the process of sterile pharmacy compounding is introduced. The method performs the automatic object tracking by applying a simple object detection followed by an object tracking algorithm. The advantages of the method are that it enabl...