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Reisacher, Matthias , Viola, Ivana , Le Muzic, Mathieu
CellPathway: a simulation tool for illustrative visualization of biochemical networks

The molecular knowledge about complex biochemical reaction networks in biotechnology is crucial and has received a lot of attention lately. As a consequence, multiple visualization programs have been already developed to illustrate the anatomy of a cell. However, since a real cel...

Franco, Ramon A. S. , Martins, Paulo S. , Carvalho, Marco A.G. de
Cytological low-quality image segmentation using nonlinear regression, K-means and watershed

Since 1950, conventional cytology uses glass slides for microscopic analysis of cervical cells, in order to perform Pap Test. Such method yields low-quality images and overlapping cells, which both hampers their analysis and classification. Several countries use a modern method for the ...

Zayouna, Ammar , Comley, Richard , Shi, Daming
Optical flow estimation via steered-L1 norm

Global variational methods for estimating optical flow are among the best performing methods due to the subpixel accuracy and the ‘fill-in’ effect they provide. The fill-in effect allows optical flow displacements to be estimated even in low and untextured areas of the image. The&#...

Pavie, Nicolas , Gilet, Guillaume , Dischler, Jean-Michel , Ghazanfarpour, Djamchid
Procedural texture synthesis by locally controlled spot noise

Procedural noises based on power spectrum definition and random phases have been widely used for procedural texturing, but using a noise process with random phases limits the types of possible patterns to Gaussian patterns (i.e. irregular textures with no structural features). Local Ran...

Zhao, Wei , Roos, Nico
An EM based approach for motion segmentation of video sequence

Motions are important features for robot vision as we live in a dynamic world. Detecting moving objects is crucial for mobile robots and computer vision systems. This paper investigates an architecture for the segmentation of moving objects from image sequences. Objects are represented&...

Jemel, Intidar , Ejbali, Ridha , Zaied, Mourad
Multiresolution Laplacian sparse coding technique for image representation

Sparse coding techniques have given good results in different domains especially in feature quantization and image representation. However, the major weakness of those techniques is their inability to represent the similarity between features. This limitation is due to the separate representation...

Zolghadr, Esfandiar , Furht, Borko
Scene understanding using context-based conditional random field

In this paper, a new framework for scene understanding using multi-modal high-ordered context-model is introduced. Spatial and semantical interactions are considered as sources of context which are incorporated in the model using a single object-scene relevance measure that quantifies high-order ...

Domaradzki, Jakub , Martyn, Tomasz
Fracturing sparse-voxel-octree objects using dynamical Voronoi patterns

We introduce a new Voronoi-based method to fracture objects represented by sparse voxel octrees (SVOs). Our approach is inspired by the pattern-based methods, however, in contrast to them, it doesn’t require pattern precomputation. Moreover, thanks to the octree structure, the surfaces of&#x...

Jabłoński, Szymon , Martyn, Tomasz
Real-time voxel rendering algorithm based on screen space billboard voxel buffer with sparse lookup textures

In this paper, we present a novel approach to efficient real-time rendering of numerous high-resolution voxelized objects. We present a voxel rendering algorithm based on triangle rasterization pipeline with screen space rendering computational complexity. In order to limit the number of ver...

Keul, Kevin , Müller, Stefan , Lemke, Paul
Accelerating spatial data structures in ray tracing through precomputed line space visibility

We propose an efficient approach to precompute and reuse visibility information based on existing spatial data structures by using a precomputed data structure: the line space. This data structure provides an additional skip condition by checking whether the subnodes in a hierarchical s...

Volke, Sebastian , Koch, Stefan , Hlawitschka, Mario
Identifying linear vector fields on 2D manifolds

Local linearity of vector fields is a property that is well researched and understood. Linear approximation can be used to simplify algorithms or for data reduction. Whereas the concept is easy to implement in 2D and 3D, it loses meaning on manifolds as linearity has eith...

Radolko, Martin , Farhadifard, Fahimeh
Using trajectories derived by dense optical flows as a spatial component in background subtraction

Foreground-Background Segregation has been intensively researched in the last decades as it is an important first step in many Computer Vision tasks. Nonetheless, there are still many open questions in this area and in this paper we focus on a special surveillance scenario where&#x...

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Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 13 z 13