Volume 18 (2010)


Recent Submissions

Bayar, Abdelouahad , Sami, Khalid
Parametric Curves Variations with Respect to a Given Direction

Vergeest, Joris S. M. , Kooijman, A. , Song, Y.
Partial 3D shape matching using large fat tetrahedrons

Simnett, T. J. R. , Laycock, R. G. , Day, A. M.
Simulating real-time cloth with adaptive edge-based

da Silva, André Tavares , Xavier, Alexandre , Magalhães, Léo Pini
A new CBIR approach based on relevance feedback and optimum-path forest classification

Schwartz, Christopher , Schnabel, Ruben , Degener, Patrick , Klein, Reinhard
PhotoPath: single image path depictions from multiple photographs