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Sepešiová, Martina
Věštby v Asýrii

This study discusses divination in Assyria, which was a highly important and respected discipline. Divination was done using the intestines of a sheep, by celestial signs or by a person’s appearance and behavior. In each chapter, the reader is acquainted with the appea...

Sekerák, Marián
PETERKOVÁ, Jana a kol. (2014): Trendy a výzvy současné diplomacie. Česká a slovenská perspektiva. Praha: Troas.

Šebianová, Kristýna
Strukturální analýza "první větve" Mabinogionu podle Clauda Lévi-Strausse

This study attempts to apply the method of structural analysis to a Welsh myth taken from the Mabinogi book. This myth, the so-called “First Branch of Mabinogi”, refers to the relationship between the world of people and the Otherworld. The method of structural an...