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Kakadiaris, Ioannis
Using vision for animating virtual humans

Cunningham, Steve
Computer graphics in computing curriculum 2001

Bengtsson, Ewert
Computer vision and computer graphics educational activities at Uppsala university

Cossu, Rossella
Coloured visualisation for numerical modelling

In this paper scalar and vector data are visualised by suited colour scales based on perceptive and uniform colour models. Using opportune colour scales, colour information is created from the two-dimensional scalar data computed at different time steps. Direction and magnitude o...

Podgorelec, David , Žalik, Borut
A geometric constraint solver with decomposable constraint set

In the paper, a new constructive approach to solving geometric constraints in 2D space is presented. The main step of the algorithm is pre-processing, which transforms both, geometric elements and geometric constraints, into simpler forms, and adds redundant constraints of distances and ...

Feustel, B. , Schmidt, T. C. , Marpe, D. , Palkow, M. , Cycon, H. L.
Compoud media streaming in time

The widespread availability of networked multimedia pontentials embedded in an infrastructure of qualitative superior kind gives rise to new approaches in the areas of teleteaching and internet presentation: The distribution of professionally styled multimedia streams has fallen in the realm of&#...

Savva, Andreas , Clapworthy, Gordon J.
The relation between rats-splines and the catmull and clark b-splines

This paper presents the relationship between the Recursive Arbitrary Topology Splines (RATS) method, derived by the authors, and the Catmull and Clark recursive B-Spline method. Both methods are capable of defining surfaces of any arbitrary topology of control points. They "fill-...

Santos, R. V. , Vellasco, M. R. , Feitosa, R. Q. , Simões, M. , Tanscheit, R.
An application of combined neural networks to remotely sensed images

Studies in the area of Pattern Recognition have indicated that in most cases a classifier performs differently from one pattern class to another. This observation gave birth to the idea of combining the individual results from different classifiers to derive a consensus deci...

Feitosa, Raul Queiroz , Mota, Guilherme , Paciornik, Sidnei
An alternative approach for pattern detection applied to materials characterization

The problem of detecting specific patterns in images of materials obtained through High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy is addressed. A supervised classification method is proposed using an extension of Principal Component Analysis and a new a procedure for building the tr...

Alexa, Marc , Berner, Uwa , Hellenschmidt, Michael , Rieger, Thomas
An animation system for user interface agents

With the advent of software agents and assistants, the concept of so called conversational user interfaces evolved, incorporating natural language interaction, dialogue management, and anthropomorphic representations. Today's challenge is to build a suitable visualization architecture for anthropomor...

Braun, Norbert
Interaction approach for digital video based storytelling

This paper shows an approach for a storytelling oriented interaction on digital video. All the interaction capabilities of the system are driven by the video context and therefore media centric. Interaction possibilities are given to the audience by conversation (on topics of...

Tobola, Petr , Nechvíle, Karel
Linear BSP trees for sets of hyperrectangles with low directional density

We consider the problem of constructing of binary space partitions (BSP) for a set S of n hyperrectangles in space with constant dimension. If the set S ful lls the low directional density condition de ned in this paper then the resultant BSP has O(n) size...

Economopoulos, Aris , Martakos, Drakoulis
Component-based architectures for computer vision systems

Research performed in the field of computer vision has steadily ignored recent advances in programming tools and techniques, relying on well-established traditional methods, such as Unix-based C programming. While this can certainly be effective, modern computer vision research may benefit...

Nocent, Olivier , Nourrit, Jean-Michel , Remion, Yannick
Towards mechanical level of detail for knitwear simulation

This paper introduces the foundations of a new mechanical level of detail method dedicated to knitted fabric simulation. This method consists as a reduction of the knitted cloth parameters number, decreasing the configurations space dimension of the studied cloth. We stress the&#...

Boyer, Vincent , Bourdin, Jean-Jacques
DÉGRADÉ: a new color shading tool

Pictures or nature rarely present uniform colored regions. Most drawings include shaded and/or color shaded surfaces. Therefore for any graphic designer the color shading tool is of major importance. The tools included in a graphics library have to respect two important conditions: ...

Kobras, Daniel , Weiskopf, Daniel , Ruder, Hanns
Image-based rendering and general relativity

Imaged-based rendering is a well-known method in computer graphics to achieve photo-realistic images. In this paper we show how conventional image-based rendering algorithms can be extended to visualize general relativistic effects in a restricted class of spacetimes. We propose a gen...

Meister, Marko , Wüthrich, Charles A.
On synchronized simulation in a distributed virtual environment

This paper addresses communication problems in a distributed virtual reality system. The paper presents VOODIE, a system that provides a framework for distributed virtual environments and overcomes the communication load problems by computing as much as possible at the user end. ...

Kiran, Naga , Mudur, S. P. , Chandran, Sharat , Dalvi, Nilesh
Anti-aliased hemicubes for performance improvement in radiosity solutions

Several important and fascinating aspects of realistic images are captured by the radiosity method. In this paper we use an alternate form of the classical hemicube that reduces aliasing problems inherent in the original method without giving up the computational advantages ...

Harrison, Paul
A non-hierarchical procedure for re-synthesis of complex textures

A procedure is described for synthesizing an image with the same texture as a given input image. To achieve this, the output image is built up by successively adding pixels selected from the input image. Pixels are chosen by searching the input image for patches&#x...

Elcacho, Colette , Dingel, Thomas , Klein, Reinhard
Object-centered navigation in virtual construction applications

In this paper we present a novel concept for navigation in virtual environments. While a variety of navigation metaphors have been proposed for immersive VR, desktop scenarios are typically based on mouse navigation, using a flying, walking or driving metaphor. Steering all ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 64