Title: UWB system description for NIST SRE 2010
Authors: Machlica, Lukáš
Vaněk, Jan
Citation: MACHLICA, Lukáš; VANĚK, Jan. UWB system description for NIST SRE 2010. In: NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation Workshop: 24-25 June 2010 in Brno, Czech republic. [Brno]: NIST, 2010, p. 180-182.
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: NIST
Document type: zpráva
URI: http://www.kky.zcu.cz/cs/publications/LukasMachlica_2010_UWBsystem
Keywords: GMM-UBM;SVM-GSV;SVM-GLDS;primární systém;kontrastní systém
Keywords in different language: GMM-UBM;SVM-GSV;SVM-GLDS;primary system;contrastive system
Abstract in different language: We were focusing on the core test. One primary and two contrastive systems were submitted. Primary system was a fusion of all GMM-UBM, SVM-GSV and SVM-GLDS systems described in this paper. The first contrastive system was a fusion of GMM-UBMbased systems described in Section 3.1, the next was a fusion of SVM based systems described in Section 3.2. All the submitted scores can be interpreted as log-likelihood ratios.
Rights: © Lukáš Machlica - Jan Vaněk
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