Název: Utilization level of business process management in czech enterprises – objectives and factors
Autoři: Tuček, David
Hájková, Michaela
Tučková, Zuzana
Citace zdrojového dokumentu: E+M. Ekonomie a Management = Economics and Management. 2013, č. 2, s. 81-98.
Datum vydání: 2013
Nakladatel: Technická univerzita v Liberci
Typ dokumentu: článek
URI: http://www.ekonomie-management.cz/download/1404723552_20cf/2013_2+Utilization+Level+od+Business+Process+Management+in+Czech+Enterprises+-+Objectives+and+Factors.pdf
ISSN: 1212-3609 (Print)
2336-5604 (Online)
Klíčová slova: management obchodních procesů;BPM komponenty;ARIS;míra využití řízení podnikových procesů
Klíčová slova v dalším jazyce: business process management;BPM components;ARIS;utilization rate of business process management
Abstrakt v dalším jazyce: The aim of this article is to provide a comprehensive overview of the utilization rate of Business Process Management (BPM) and its components in Czech factories focused on goals that managers follow by the implementation of process management and the factors that are merged with a process-oriented company. The paper presents a part of current results of the research conducted by a questionnaire survey. The whole research was focused on several aspects of process management. Within this research, aspects of Business Process Management are understood with the meaning of the views or positions on the issues of Business Process Management with a focus on the objectives, factors, components, support, benefits and barriers to BPM implementation. The purpose of the research was to monitor the attitudes, opinions and judgments of managers of Czech firms to individual aspects of BPM. Since this is a subjective expression, which is subsequently necessary to evaluate statistically were used in this study a scaling method, based on a quantification of qualitative data. The meeting the objective of this article was conditioned by confirmation or refutation of the hypotheses aimed at extending the concept of BPM in the Czech Republic and its understanding, the utilization rate of BPM in the Czech manufacturing companies, the complexity of BPM components and the orientation of Czech managers to support management processes. The complete results of the research showed positive development in almost all observed aspects. The largest positive change occurred in the perception of the importance of process performance measurement. This shift can be evaluated very positively, because the performance measurement process is the basis and prerequisite for continuous improvement of processes, which helps to ensure that the established BPM is dynamic and does not involve redrawing of the existing processes into process maps only.
Práva: © Technická univerzita v Liberci
CC BY-NC 4.0
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Číslo 2 (2013)

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